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Everyone may participate in the General Availability phase. This is the standard phase for domain extensions once they have completed their initial launch. Domains are available on a first-come first-served basis.
Everyone may participate in Landrush or Early Access Program phases. These phases typically feature premium prices. Domains are available on a first-come first-served basis.
Participation in Sunrise periods is available exclusively to registered Trademark owners who have completed enrollment in the Trademark Clearinghouse. Domains are available on either a first-come, first served basis, or via auction – depending on the specific domain extension.
In advance of either Sunrise, Landrush/EAP or General Availability, customers may submit a Pre-Order for any of the these phases. There is no up-front cost to place a Pre-Order, and you will only be charged if the domain is successfully acquired for you. A payment preauthorization or prepayment may be required, depending on method of payment.
In advance of specific dates and pricing being available for particular domain extensions, customers may submit a Pre-Registration. There is no cost, nor obligation to perform a Pre-Registration. Pre-registered customers will receive additional information regarding dates and prices of their pre-registered domains, once that information becomes available.

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