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Domain Brokering

Let us help you acquire your ideal domain name

Is the domain name you want registered with someone else? It can still be yours!

Whether you are rebranding or launching a new business or product, acquiring the perfect domain name is an investment in its long-term success. Your domain is the foundation of your brand online, it drives visitors to your website and will be referenced in everything you do. Getting a memorable one will help you succeed online.

Why choose Webnames Domain Brokering

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Discreet negotiations to protect your privacy

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Market knowledge

12+ years of domain acquisition experience

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Attention to detail, thorough, responsive

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$100 to $1M+: Expertise in acquiring domains at any valuation

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We leverage all the above to ensure that you get the best deal, within your budget

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1000+ successful transactions backed by comprehensive negotiation best practices

How Domain Brokering Works

Pick your Domain Research and Appraisal

Fill out the below form and one of our domain brokers will provide a detailed Domain Assessment report about the domain you wish to acquire within 1-2 business days.

The report will include information about the domain’s ownership, history, trademark status, sales of similar domains and an informed market appraisal - everything you need to know to confirm your budget and move forward.

Approve for Negotiation Consultation and Negotiation

Review the Domain Assessment Report and tell us your budget so that we can initiate completely anonymous negotiations with the current holders of the domain.

Our brokers will take the necessary steps to confidentially acquire the domain name on your behalf for the lowest price possible. We will consult with you throughout the process and provide progress reports as the negotiation moves forward.

Complete Acquisition Managed Transfer

Once we have an agreement on the sale price will facilitate the secure payment of fees and transfer of domain ownership to you. The domain will be securely transferred to your Webnames account prior to the seller receiving payment.

Clients are charged a CAD $75.00 brokering fee, plus:

15% commission for acquired domains under CAD $15,000.00 OR 10% commission for acquired domains over CAD $15,000.00

*$100 minimum commission applies

Purchase Domain Brokerage Services

Once you fill the below form, a member of our domain brokering team will contact you with next steps.

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Did you know...

Thousands of premium domain names are available for purchase through Webnames Domain Aftermarket?
Explore domains already listed for sale by keyword, category or extension.

Lori Joyce,, brokerage client

“Webnames helped us acquire the .COM domain of our brand Betterwith, quickly and below asking price. We now have powerful brand consistency across our online, offline and product marketing...”

Lori Joyce, Founder & CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Excluding Webnames’ commission for the successful acquisition of a requested domain (10% or 15% depending on the purchase price), the Domain Brokering fee is CAD $75.00. For this fee you will receive a comprehensive report on the domain name including a market valuation of the domain to provide you with the information you need to decide if you want to pursue negotiations.

Our domain brokering experts will make repeated attempts to negotiate a mutually agreeable price with the owner of a domain name for 30 days from the time negotiations are initiated until a price is agreed upon or a decision to reject or withdraw from negotiations is made, whichever is earlier. We make exceptions on case-by-case basis where an agreement may be in sight, even if the 30-day mark has passed.

In a domain acquisition negotiation, anonymity can help you pay closer to a fair market value rather than an artificially inflated cost. Domain brokers at Webnames have the advantage of decades of experience in identifying and reaching out to domain owners with a proposition that is likely to be considered seriously. A domain acquisition includes several nuances such as security, privacy, confidentiality and financial verifiability that we handle on your behalf that eliminate risks and concerns for you.

Thousands of people search for domain names everyday but only businesses or popular personalities that need a specific domain name will typically utilize a domain broker’s services. Each domain brokering negotiation is a unique scenario, but we recommend that you go ahead with complete awareness that the outcome is not predictable, could take around 30 days and could require you to be flexible with your budget. Domain brokering is right for you, if you are absolutely sure that you want only that domain and are willing to wait and pay a fair price for it.

If the negotiations are unsuccessful, our brokers will update you with the details and close the brokering task. If the domain owner reaches out after the closure of a task, we will alert you to assess your interest in re-opening the brokering effort.

The domain brokering charge of $75 is not refundable. Once a sale price has been agreed on by all parties concerned, the transaction is irreversible.

We understand that your new projects / products may be in stealth mode until they are ready to launch, and we value your privacy. Our domain brokers operate in complete confidentiality to ensure that your plans remain private and to ensure that we get the best possible price for the domain name you want.

We manage the domain transfer at the end of a successful brokering transaction. Because a domain transfer involves multiple steps, we ensure the process occurs in an orderly, secure, and timely manner after appropriate payments have been made.

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