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Customer Testimonials

“Webnames has very responsive support. I have never had an issue in all the years I have been a customer. It's nice to support a Canadian company!”

“I am a longtime customer of Webnames - all the way back from the time where you had to request domains by letter mail to UBC. I love the service and the Vancouver connection.”

“I have continued to host with Webnames because of the great support. I appreciate it.”

“Shawn was extremely helpful and adds validity to why we continue to engage in business with Webnames. Great service with compassionate individuals representing. Thank you!”

“Both Marko and Alain were wonderful to work with. They understood my untechnical language and were able to explain what was happening in a way I could understand. More importantly, they, along with the good system administrators working behind the scenes, were able to fix the problem. Thank you so much!!!”

“I've said this many times, Webnames support has the best vendor support I have ever experienced.”

“Thank you Denis for great support! So thorough, he solved my issue and realized he should walk me through how to prevent further issues by updating information. I have rarely received such great service. Thank you all very much!”


“Thank you Denis for great support! So thorough, he solved my issue and realized he should walk me through how to prevent further issues by updating information. I have rarely received such great service. Thank you all very much!”


“Thank you, Shawn! You were a fantastic help!”

”Have always had great service from Webnames and their staff. Even in my retirement when my needs are much smaller, they have been mindful of good service. Thank you.”

“Thanks for the extra help of installing my SSL certificate and advising me on how to manage it moving ahead!”

”While this is a new site, I have been a client for five years. The level of service, the friendliness of the staff and their professionalism have always been first class. Whether I make dumb newbie mistakes or have deep technical issues they always come to my rescue. Kudos to all.”

”I'm always very satisfied/happy with your customer service. Super nice and helpful. Thank you!!!”

”Alan was extremely helpful, listened to the question and got it right away. That doesn't always happen. Everything went great and he followed up to make sure.”

"Very clear reply, minutes later all was resolved. I have recommended for years!"

"Shawn is quite obviously a great fella, brightened my rainy Sunday a little and solved my issue swiftly."

"Gerald was excellent. He was patient and helpful … after a recent lack of customer service from two other providers for my business website that have been unacceptable, it was a pleasure to experience what customer service should be with Gerald and Thank you for "meeting" and exceeding my expectations!”

"Alain is incredibly helpful! Multiple people on your team have been amazing!"

"Excellent fast expert service. Much appreciated. "

" The service at Webnames is as good as it gets.”

"Florent was very professional and timely in responding to my request for support. My issues are completely taken care of. Thanks!”

“Excellent work mon ami!”

“Any time I need your help, I'm reminded of why I have never switched web hosting providers. Thanks so much for another quick resolution!”

“Excellent service by your representative! Many thanks.”

“Wow. Thanks. Fast, friendly Saturday afternoon support. Amazing. Thanks!”

“Thank you for resolving my issue so promptly, I couldn't ask for better service!"

“On this topic, Quinn was the 'helper'. But I've had great experience with Marco and Gerald too. Awesome team. I recommend Webnames to everyone. Thanks."

“Gerald's support was so refreshing compared to other companies that I occasionally require support calls with. Great job & a pleasure speaking with you Gerald.”

“I wouldn't call Marko @webnames a support technician. I call him an ANGEL! After years of frustration, a problem is fixed. Thanks x100!”

“Responded to my query swiftly and resolved the issue promptly.”

“Quick and prompt answer. A pleasure to deal with.”

“Quick and helpful response. Thank you guys!"

“I'm always impressed with Webnames support. Real people, with absolute 100% barnone service ethic. You make my tech needs, and life, so much easier. I am so grateful to your team. Grand Merci XO”

“Problem solved quickly, friendly, and effectively."

“Great Service as always. Best Hosting and Name Registry I have used!”

“Gerald was amazing with customer service and communication. Not only did he solve my problem...his superior skills made me feel like I really have started a partnership with webnames. I am very impressed with his service. And because of him...I'm happy I made the switch to webnames. I look forward to a long and successful partnership.”

“I have been with your organization for at least 10 years and I have always found the service and advise for be excellent and the service reps to be one of your greatest assets. Thank-you for your follow up to me contacts”.

“I called people and was quickly answered buy a polite gentleman who assured me there would be no problem to fix my situation. He warned me before he put me on hold for a bit, apologized for taking so long (it was not that long) then explained what he was doing. He got to a point and asked if I wanted to hold on or if it was okay if he sent me an email confirming the completion of the transaction. I said thank you very much I would take the email, said our goodbye's and within a few minutes received an email with the work done. I have worked with Webnames before and have recommended them to others."

“Thank you for an excellent customer service experience!”

“The fellow that I talked to was a total rockstar! He was professional, personable and got done for me what I needed in good time. It was a great communication and I am very happy with the results of our conversation. Thank you Webnames very much!”

“Very happy with all the support I've received since I signed up. Quinn has been especially helpful!”

"My inquiry was handled promptly and clearly. Great service. Thank you!"

"Quick super helpful. Wish you guys could train the whole industry and teach them what customers service is!"

"This is the first time that I have called the service center, and I was thrilled with the response. I didn't have to wait on the line, the person helping me was terrific, helpful, kind and solved my problem right away. He also logged into my account to ensure that I had fixed the problem and also that I understood what had caused it. Thank you so much!"

"100% super support! Other organizations could take a leaf from your book."

"I rate with 5 stars, sincerely. I am lucky enough to once again receive the help of Quinn, a true professional. He is consistently professional, efficient, and patient. I had to call the next day as I had a glitch in email set up. This time I got Shawn Yakobina. He has also helped me in the past; he has a great attitude and is clever, kind and patient. Another true professional. I can only hope that Webnames has more of these stars heading up their department. If Quinn and Shawn aren't heading up this department.....they should. I have never received such great service from any other company, and when comes from a technical one, it makes you shine above the rest. Thank you both so much for speaking to me in terms I understand, as well for all your kind support in the past."

Cape Columbia Distributing Ltd.

"Nicely resolved and went the extra mile to ensure all is well."

"I simply can't say enough good things about the excellent level of assistance and professionalism I've received from the Webnames support pros this week alone. As I enter the 'WordPress' learning curve through Webnames, the help and guidance has all been first-rate. Thank you!"

“I love everything about Webnames. The fact that there are people at the end of the phone line, that those people have been there helping to build their industry for years, and they genuinely have their customers' best interests in mind. It's an amazing company.”

“I have been using Webnames for years. They have simple to use features and great service!”

“Webnames always offers excellent customer and technology support for our domains and hosting. This gives me complete peace of mind and great satisfaction to support a fellow Canadian women-owned business.”

“I am totally new to setting up domains and websites. I was looking for 100% Canadian based operation to work with me and support my needs. That brought me to  I initially called in with novice questions and Alain was able to see through my intensions and provide answers that were clear and easy to understand. Once I understood how the systems work, I am pleased to say that I am now a customer. I later needed some help getting my new domains setup and working. Florent was prompt to respond and were awesome at stepping me through getting my stuff configured and published to the web. 100% Canadian, 100% supported, 100% success!”

“Denis was amazing to work with, as has been true for everyone at Webnames. I’m so proud to deal with such a wonderful Canadian Company for all our SSL needs. I look forward to working with you and your team for many years!”

“Shawn has always been a great help to me whenever I have called with questions and this weekend was no exception. I really appreciate how he can explain technical matters in easy to understand terms. And he is very personable!”

“The customer service was great - Shawn is fantastic. Incredibly helpful and clear in communication.”

“Really appreciate the help!”

“Grand! Thank you!”

“I have continued to host with Webnames because of the great support. I appreciate it.”

“Outstanding service from Denis! Certainly the best representative I had to deal with in years! Kind, helpful, patient. He walks the extra mile to figure a way to help me solve my problem. Thank you, Denis!”

"Shawn is consistently patient, effective, clear and polite. Nothing to improve. Perhaps the best IT person I have dealt with in my not short life."

”Once again your team went above and beyond to help me solve my issue. You are superstars! Thank you :)”

”Representative was very helpful, provided clear communication/troubleshooting and followed up afterwards to ensure I was aware that the issue was resolved. 5-star rep.”

”I am so appreciative of the clear instructions I was given, as well as the wonderful patience that your representative demonstrated until my issue was resolved. Customer Service is the driver for organizations and I will highly recommend your organization, especially because you excel in this area.”

”Great support. Even on a Sunday morning. Fast efficient and knowledgeable.”

"Thanks for all the courteous and knowledgeable help :)”

"Shawn called me back right away (good timing), awesome guy to talk with as we were both on the same page :) He helped me resolve my problems with email and saved me from corrupting my mail system … I can now access my business emails on the go using my Android phone. Couldn't have done that without his help. Thank you for your great support. That makes roughly 15 years of good service.”

“5 stars says it all!”

"The response and assistance from Webnames support and in particular Florent, have been outstanding. The promptness, in particular, is very appreciated."

"Great support people as usual! Thanks!”

“Thanks for making the process of making our websites "secure" (https) so clear and easy.”

“Gerald was truly helpful.  I feel that he went above and beyond to help resolve our issues.  Thanks so much.”

“Unexpectedly prompt reply and resolution of my question! Thank you.”

“Webnames reps have always been great every time I've phoned - the way I prefer to access support.”

“Clear and to the point. I feel like the representative did actually read through my email - support for most companies seem to skim my inquiries and thus give me completely useless answers.”

“Best customer service/support experience I have had in a very long time. Waited less than 30 seconds and then a nice guy named Shawn answered. He was friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. Can't ask for more than that.”

“I was extremely satisfied with the service, The representative was extremely helpful the best service I best service in the past 30 years!!!!!.”

“Gerald was his usual pleasant, helpful self. It was a pleasure to deal with him, as always.”

“My first experience with support was superb. Based on this I would say that all companies could take a lesson from on how to support their customers. What a refreshing and satisfying experience. Thanks again for your help”

“Response and resolution was under an hour. Awesome!!!!”

“Very quick response and remedy worked flawlessly. Very much appreciate the support. Will always use Web Names for Domain registration...thank you very much.”

“Best service by friendly and knowledgeable staff.”

“Great service, prompt and professional - Thank You.”

“Webnames was first class to work with!”

“You guys are always excellent, great company to deal with.”

“The two times I spoke to a representative, they were friendly, courteous, patient and did not rush the phone call. Very professional.”

"I have dealt with your telephone service person Shaun (not sure if correct spelling) a couple of times and have found him to be courteous, respectful and knowledgeable. He has helped to fully resolve any problem I have had so far. Very pleased with service. Thank you, Richard Kobayashi, Maxx Controls Incorporated."

“ is awesome! Excellent full featured stable service, excellent user-friendly interface, excellent support. Excellent everything!”

“Great job, thank you for all your assistance!!!”

“Awesome assistance in getting this issue resolved. Supports my decision to leave Hover. Thanks guys, big help.”

“Awesome service!”

"Representative was very efficient, understood needs and took care of issue. Hope all interactions are this smooth!"

"Very well done. I received tech support almost instantly and it was very clear. Thanks"

"Fantastic help on the phone, I couldn't be happier. A+"

"Excellent service and resolution of my issue. The rep was a pleasure to deal with."

"Thank you so much to both Sean and Marko for again doing such a great job of support on my recent website concerns. As a self-employed person, I'm so happy that I can rely on your expertise. I really appreciate that you never make me feel stupid in an area that is rather far outside of my usual comfort zone."

"Super-fast, quick and efficient service. Thanks!"

"I want to compliment Webnames on your dedication to helping people renew their domain names. There was the initial e-mail along with two follow-up e-mails, a paper copy in the mail and then a phone call. I had been waiting for my renewal date of May 23 to renew because some places renew on the actual date of payment rather than adding it to the current years as you do."

"I am very impressed by the service at Webnames. A simple call to clarify that I migrated my domain correctly led to a discussion of how to use a reporting function that will make it easier to manage my 70+ domains. Very helpful!"

“Every time I have a question or problem, there is someone at Webnames available to help! I find that their reps are always very patient with explaining things to me and helping me solve my problems. Great customer service!”

“We love Webnames for their excellent customer service!”

“Shawn was very helpful and was very quick in spotting my mistake, his advice brought my domain to life. Great support, Thanks!”

“Excellent Service, thanks so much!”

“Every interaction with you folks has met with pleasant, knowledgable staff who were able to resolve an issue or give me the information I'd been looking for. Well done!”

“Florent's level of customer service and way of handling my inquiry was EXCELLENT.  He was knowledgeable in assisting me with resolving my account issue. It's not often these days where I find I come away with having a positive experience with most customer service representatives, and can say that he did a great job. It was not a major problem, but it's important how these cases are handled as well.”

“I expected to get directions how to fix my SSL certificate, but tech support fixed my problem by the time I sat down in the morning. Excellent!”

“I was stunned by the resolution of my ticket, frankly. I had ignored my website for literally years and then went to update it and discovered I needed to update the PHP. I sent in an email ticket quite late in the evening - and when I opened my email the next morning, Florent Marquez had not only updated my site for me, but included screen shots in the email to show me what was done (I do have other websites, and probably need to do the same thing there!) I have always found Webnames support to be excellent quality and timeliness, but this was far beyond my expectations. Absolutely superior service. Thank you!”

“Thank you for the excellent customer and technology support.”

”Sean has done a great job in assisting me to resolve the issue in a timely way. Many thanks.”

“The support staff at webnames is amazing and you can't get it anywhere else. I hope staff are compensated for their awesomeness because it has saved me more than once. Always helpful and knowledgeable about their products (even third-party). I love webnames.”

“I LOVE WEBNAMES. You rock my world with every contact. Shawn, Dennis, and everyone else on the Customer Support team.”

”Your service has always been exemplary! Thank you.”

”Customer rep was prompt and clear, something I'm coming to expect from Webnames. Thanks!”

”Every time I call Webnames for support, the service is excellent - beyond compare. Efficient, warm, never impatient. Highly recommend!”

”Wonderful to work with! Everyone was exceptional.”

"Gerald was very helpful, both over the phone and in his email response. He also offered to help get us started. As a new client, we really appreciate being able to talk to a live human being who knows how to help us. Great service, efficient and prompt.”

"Flo was excellent! I very much appreciated his help not only with my problem, but with the additional effort he made to help me understand. In the past I've also dealt with Shawn and Marco. Both excellent as well! I am very impressed with your customer service staff."

“Nothing but thumbs up here. Thanks. ”

"Thanks again. Been a pleasure dealing with Webnames for many years now.”

"We have several domains with Webnames, each for a small business, and without any IT staff. Every time I call on the support staff at I come away satisfied and wondering why ALL tech support doesn't function like Webnames. Thanks again.”

" 'Love those guys’ is the comment I received from my wife after she got off the phone with you today. Thanks for the continued great customer support.”

“Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty! Excellent customer service. Thank you! ”

“Excellent service and support, as always! Great Job.”

“Very quick response from Shawn and the change he made to the SPF record immediately fixed the problem I was having. Thanks!”

““Very happy with the service and treatment I received.”"

“Quinn was very prompt and professional in the e-mail response. I asked a follow-up question to my original query which was also followed up in a timely manner."

“Have already recommended Webnames to anyone who will listen. Thank you so much for your assistance in the creation of my very first website. Without your support, I fear I might have given up when I ran into issues and complications I didn't have the knowledge to deal with."

“What can I say? Within NANOSECONDS your support staff, specifically QUINN DONOVAN leapt into action and processed my SSL CERT RENEWAL. This is the kind of response and support I've become accustomed to with you/WEBNAMES ... .you're spoiling me.”

“Had multiple problems with a WordPress website and each and every time, the problem was fixed! Thank you!"

“WOW, WOW, WOW, your staff member was amazing and went above and beyond to help me! I am so grateful."

“You are thoughtful, professional and a pleasure to deal with. You resolved all my concerns and I feel that you are a great asset to this company. Keep up the great customer service, and once again, thank you Shawn."

“I was very impressed at the speed of Quinn's response, the depth of help and the recommendations beyond the immediate scope -- above and beyond for sure.”

“Superlative service! Trained and competent representatives! Five of five stars! Outstanding! Thanks again.”

“Awesome, friendly, helpful, thorough! :)”

“Thanks very much! I had no idea that I needed to do this as I thought it was handled automatically. Maybe it had to do with me activating email and then turning on the DNS features afterward? “Regardless, thanks very much for the quick turn-around! You folks are really quite amazing to work with.”

“Thank you for your time regarding the Website tutorial. You have provided me with all necessary details and related tools very explanatory and patiently. As I have learned to master the tools with my pace of knowledge quickly than I thought. You have made it very easy to learn the steps for updating the website. I have enjoyed the learning process while practically updating and making changes to the site. And I will recommend WordPress to my friends and relatives and provide as reference and will rate you the top. Once again I would like thank you Alain and Webnames for developing designing our website “HORIZONDRIVING.CA” and I am proud to say that I will be supporting your company as Canadian Web developer.”

“You folks are AMAZING and once again provided exceptional customer service in a timely manner, whenever I or customers I deal with need webhosting I always recommend Webnames because of your outstanding customer service. Thank you so much!”

“ I am most grateful to Alain! He recovered lost data.”

“Very easy instructions in a timely manner. Shawn was helpful and pleasant.”

“Gerald Gatti was very, very patient, and very persistent in his desire to solve my email setup issues. I was very pleased by his service.”

”Solid support! Quick, friendly, on point. Thanks!”

"This is the first time I've called support and I was very impressed with the service!"

"Fast, efficient and professional. The support team understand what I am asking for every time. Thanks technical support, you are a great team!"

"Webnames staff have provided excellent customer service and support to date!"

"I knew there was a reason that I recommend you to all my staff, students and friends."

"Shawn was super patient and friendly, making me feel like I had a true partner in solving the issues I had with email and connectivity. He was quickly able to gain my trust in that he was there to support me in whatever way possible. Sometimes I feel silly in asking my questions; Shawn helped make me feel confident to ask whatever I needed. He made my day! Thank you Shawn!"

"First time experience with websites, AMAZING experience with you guys!"

"Representative was very efficient, understood needs and took care of issue. Hope all interactions are this smooth!"

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