DNS Hosting

Full control & flexibility, faster performance, and improved security & stability.

Advanced DNS Hosting

  • Full control over DNS records
  • Custom time-to-live (TTL) for DNS changes
  • Track date-last modified records

Premium DNS Hosting

  • Full control over DNS records
  • Customizable zone file templates
  • Zone file version control
  • Schedule zone file updates for future date / time
  • Zone file import functionality
  • Full redirection controls (CNAME, 301, ALIAS)
  • Global Anycast DNS Network

What you get with Webnames.ca DNS Hosting services

Complete control over your DNS records

Whether you manage multiple websites or just one, DNS management is easier than ever. With Webnames.ca’s DNS hosting services, configure your records from an intuitive and powerful dashboard.

Save time configuring DNS settings

Save time setting up your domain names. Apply settings that you love onto new and existing domain names with the click of a button with custom DNS templates.

Quick recovery

Mistakes happen, we understand that. And that’s why our Premium DNS hosting plans offer DNS version control to give you the option to rollback to stable versions of your records.

Improved reliability, speed and performance

Included with our Premium DNS Hosting service, Anycast DNS enhances DNS infrastructure. Using a global network of geographically dispersed servers, Anycast DNS uses smart traffic routing to improve page-load speeds, stability and resiliency against DDoS attacks at the DNS level.

Looking for our standalone Anycast DNS service?

Speak with an expert when you need help

Webnames.ca’s award winning Customer Support Team is here to help. Whether it's finding the right plan for you or setting up your DNS records, every member of our team is extensively trained to provide you with thorough one-on-one help via phone, email or chat.

If you’re the DIY type, you’ll find all the resources you need in our DNS User Guide.

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