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SSL Certificate Monitoring

Automated SSL Status Scans and Alerting for SSL Certificates to protect against expiry, incomplete installation and other errors.

SSL Certificate Monitoring


Monitored parameters include:

  • HTTPS server response
  • SSL issue and expiry dates
  • Serial number matching against issued serial
  • Hostname mismatch
All the above across SANs
SSL Installation and Status Monitoring for IT Teams:
  • Protect your websites against outages due to SSL certificate expiry
  • Get automated email alerts when SSL certificate status changes
  • On-demand scanning in real-time for SSL installation verification
  • 3 scheduled scans a day

Why Use SSL Monitoring

Instant SSL installation verification

Automated verification of SSL certificate installation during new purchase or during SSL renewal, with instant results. Save time managing your SSL portfolio and detect errors for simplified troubleshooting.

Detect website downtime and errors

Reduce the risk of data compromise and business losses due to website disruptions with scheduled monitoring and proactive alerting. If your website is offline for reasons unrelated to SSL, this service will still notify you of errors.

SSL instance management screenshot

How SSL Monitoring Works

Monitoring verification

Setup Monitoring & Instant Verification

Configure SSL Monitoring by selecting the monitored SSL certificate, domain name, hostnames and email address for error alerting. You can also request instant, on-demand SSL status verification in your Webnames account.

Automatic checks

Scheduled Automatic Checks

Our SSL Monitoring service will scan your SSL for any errors including expiry, serial number matching and other parameters, thrice a day.

Email alerts

Email Alerts

If an error is detected in a monitored SSL, an email notice is sent to alert you. The email alert will indicate the nature of the error and assist in debugging to resolve the issue.

SSL Monitoring FAQ

Yes. When you purchase SSL monitoring for a certificate, it works with all the alternate SAN hostnames and cloned or reissued instances of that certificate.

Yes, even small businesses can benefit from SSL Monitoring. Many small businesses have limited IT resources and may not be aware of an SSL misconfiguration for an extended period. An expired or misconfigured SSL certificate can scare away potential customers with browser security warnings or even bring down your website. Our service checks your site daily to make sure the server is responding and has a healthy SSL certificate.

Yes. As long as each SSL instance installed behind your load balancer is a duplicate, clone, or reissue of the same Webnames certificate, then our monitoring probe will report it as healthy. Note: if a server behind your load balancer has a misconfigured certificate, there is no guarantee of how many daily probes will be required before that server is hit; it's possible that a single misconfigured server behind a load balancer will not be discovered for an extended period, depending on the size of the server pool, the design of the load balancer, and how randomly it routes requests to its internal servers. For this use case, advanced customers can complement our external monitoring by deploying inward-facing probing software on their internal networks.

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