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E-Mail Forwarding

  • Multiple "aliases" may be set up (e.g.,, which you can then forward to any working e-mail address (a great way for small businesses to mimic a larger corporation).
  • There is no limit to the number of aliases you create. (first alias FREE; $5.00 per year per additional alias)

All you need is:

  1. A working e-mail address for the e-mail aliases to forward to (can be through a free e-mail service such as as long as it works) and
  2. A domain name with

Please note: E-mail Forwarding does NOT provide you with an e-mail account or mailbox with which you can store e-mail or send e-mail. E-mail Forwarding is not suitable for domains that already have an existing mail service associated with them.

What is email forwarding used for?
If you are a long time user of an email address that doesn't necessarily reflect your brand or person, Email Forwarding is a great way to create an 'alias' for your current address. If you wish to change your primary email address without missing out on incoming mail, a forwarder can do the trick.

Is there a limit to the number of email forwarders on a domain name? 
Once you have a domain name registered, you can create as many email forwarders as you need. Be as creative as you'd like, all the while continuing to receive and send emails the way you always have been. Rebranding your email address has never been easier!

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