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.ca domain name

Four times more likely to choose dot CA Year after year research has shown that a majority of Canadians prefer making their online purchases from Canadian retailers. Join millions of individuals, businesses and organizations that have chosen to brand themselves as Canadian by using a .CA domain for their website and email address.

What is the .CA Domain?

The .CA domain is Canada's symbol online and is exclusively available to Canadians. It is recognized worldwide as a trusted and secure namespace. There is a Canadian presence requirement for individuals, organizations and businesses to register a .CA domain, which helps to keep the namespace proudly Canadian!

The Origin of Canada’s Domain John Demco .CA’s origins are in our hometown, Vancouver, British Columbia. In 1987, co-founder John Demco conceived of and launched the .CA domain from his small office in the University of British Columbia.

For the next thirteen years, John managed the .CA registry on an entirely volunteer basis from his UBC office. Each .CA domain was registered manually as Canadian early adopters sought out their names online. By the time John passed the stewardship of .CA to CIRA in 2000, an impressive 100,000 domains had been registered under John’s care.

Today, the .CA domain is the best known symbol for Canada's online, something that wouldn't have been possible without John's foresight and dedication.

Canada’s Original Registrar and .CA Experts

CIRA certified Webnames has a long history with .CA, beginning with its inception by our co-founder John Demco. The company was created from the original .CA registry at the University of British Columbia in the fall of 2000, and remains Canada’s most trusted registrar in the .CA namespace. In addition to .CA domains, Webnames also offers .CA registry lock .CA domain back order services, .CA domain valuation, brokering and acquisition services.

Every .CA domain registered at Webnames includes free features like domain forwarding, domain gripping and email channeling so you can begin using your new domain right away, even if you don't have a website.

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