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Benefits of SSL Certificates

  1. 1. Secure your Website

    SSL Certificates protect your website from online threats. With the multitude of online threats rising, the importance of having an uncompromised website is extremely important. SSL Certificates perform daily malware scanning to ensure your website is safe and secure.

  2. 2. Gain Trust with your Customers

    Show visitors to your site, that conducting business with you online is safe! SSL Certificates protect your customer’s confidential information by encrypting data when they connect with your website.

  3. 3. Globally Recognized

    VeriSign and GeoTrust are two of the most recognized and trusted Certificate providers on the Internet. Over 93% of all Fortune 500 companies worldwide use their services to ensure the protection of their websites!

  4. 4. Increase E-Commerce Transactions

    With the increasing trend towards e-commerce, an SSL Certificate prevents third-parties from seeing the details of transactions. This provides an added sense of security and encourages your customers to continue doing business with you.

  5. 5. Flexible Security Options

    Not all websites are created equally and this creates a lot of different needs for different websites. SSL Certificates offered by all cater to different businesses and their websites. Pick the appropriate Certificate according to your needs.

  6. Need help figuring out which SSL Certificate is right for you?
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