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.store domain name

What is the .store generic Top Level Domain Extension?

Online shopping has been on the rise year after year, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down. It really isn’t a surprise that a new TLD extension dedicated for e-commerce has been applied for. Take advantage of this global trend and reach new markets across the country by registering a globally recognized new generic TLD. Regardless of your industry, .store is a new gTLD extension that is perfect for anyone with an e-commerce business. If you already have your current website up and running, registering a domain name under the .store extension and forwarding it to your current website, will allow new visitors to be directed to your site and ensuring brand protection.

.store domains don’t necessarily need to just be thought of as a place for e-commerce and online shopping. A .store domain can be thought of as a namespace for storage of information, files etc., similar to some Cloud services being provided on the Internet. Get creative and register a .store domain name to help you get found by new visitors online. One thing is for sure, domains under the .store extension will have the potential to increase your reach internationally and net new customers for your company.

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