If you are looking for a great way to express your personality, a .singles domain name is great for you!

.singles domain name

What is the .singles generic Top Level Domain Extension?

The intended purpose of the .singles domain is to serve as a generic and flexible domain extension for everyone and anyone.

The word singles, aside from being a general term, can be used to describe two things; a) single people and b) music singles.

For the singles route, domains under the .singles gTLD can be targeted towards those looking for a dating service. In the past, dating sites used to be frowned upon because you had no idea who was really on the other side of the screen. Recently though, more and more people seem to use dating sites to find a partner. With the increasing popularity of dating sites, the .singles gTLD will be the perfect domain extension to facilitate this type of service. With the growing variety of dating sites, the .singles domain extension can help in connecting people to each other.

The second potential use of the .singles domain extension can be aimed towards aspiring music artists. Musicians usually begin by releasing singles in order to attract potential record producers. Prior to the launch of the gTLDs, gaining exposure through the different .coms, .nets or .orgs can prove to be quite difficult. With the new .singles domain, users can now create YourName.Singles to create a website that houses all your recorded tracks.

.singles gTLD Requirements

The new gTLD application for the applicant, , Fern Madison, LLC, has been approved and its sunrise period will be open on November 26, 2013. You can expect to see other domain extensions become available in late 2013 or early 2014 when they are released by ICANN.

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