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.loan domain name

What is the .loan generic Top Level Domain extension?

Loaning money is a necessary part of life but it can be a complex process. Luckily, the new .loan domain extension makes borrowing money much easier!

Banks, Financial Planners and Lending Institutions

The new .loan domain extension provides organizations that lend money to consumers a new namespace online. Consumers that are looking for loan providers - whether to purchase a car or a home - will have an easier time finding your service through a .loan domain name. With millions of .com domain names on the web, .loan lets you create a unique and descriptive name that stands out on the internet.

Uses for the .loan domain extension

Financial institutions such as banks and money lenders will benefit greatly from the .loans domain extension. By registering and using a .loan domain name, websites gain added visibility online from a unique and distinguishable domain name on the web.

.loan gTLD Requirements

.loan is a “Regulated Domain” which is subject to additional requirements mandated by ICANN.

  1. Legal Compliance: Registrants must comply with all applicable laws, including laws relating to privacy, data collection, consumer protection (including in relation to misleading and deceptive conduct) and applicable consumer laws in respect of fair lending, debt collection, organic farming (if applicable), disclosure of data and financial regulations;

  2. Health and Financial Information: Registrants must acknowledge and agree that those who collect and maintain sensitive health and financial data must implement reasonable and appropriate security measures commensurate with the offering of those services, as defined by applicable law;

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