.kids domain name

What is the .kids generic Top Level Domain extension?

".Kids" is a specialized Internet space for all things kids! A child-centric top-level-domain (TLD), the .kids domain is for perfect for content creators who are either kids themselves, parents, educators, kid-focused advocate groups, businesses or brands.

From kids-focused initiatives, to clothing lines, to media and entertainment,  the .kids domain name is a great choice for child-centric brands and content. .kids domains are a simple and relevant way to signal that your website, content or products are kid-focused or made-for-kids.


Who should register a .kids domain?

The .kids domain space is open to everyone. The target audiences for .kids are products, services and infotainment that are for kids or about kids, parents and the community supporting the rights and welfare of Children.

Some ideas for initiatives for which a .kids domain is perfect for:

  • Children and youth with entrepreneurial, charitable, educational or entertainment pursuits or projects
  • Mompreneurs, Dadpreneurs
  • Mom and Dad Bloggers
  • Teachers and Educators
  • Child rights advocate groups
  • Brands with kids’ product lines
  • Toys, games and other goods for kids
  • Media, entertainment and kids channels
  • Schools, daycares, preschools, tutors, camps, sports clubs,  educational programs, etc.

.kids Registry Policies and Guiding Principles 

As a domain space for kids and kid focused content, .kids has a set of Guiding Principles, developed together with the .KIDS community and under the UNCRC principles, which detail the basic requirements for .kids domains, prohibited materials for .kids websites, and data privacy expectations. 

Visit the .KIDS registry for the complete list of .KIDS Policies and Guidelines including: 

  1. Sunrise & Startup Policies
  2. Sunrise Dispute Resolution policy
  3. .KIDS Guiding Principles
  4. .KIDS Anti-Abuse Policy
  5. .KIDS Friendly Content Guide
  6. .KIDS Personal Data protection

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