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.coach domain name

What is the .coach generic Top Level Domain Extension?

The .coach gTLD will be a flexible domain extension because it can meet the needs of different industries and professions. From business consultants to sports instructors, coach is synonymous with individuals with knowledge to share to other people.

For business consultants, whether you are practice individually or as a firm, a .coach domain can help you reach potential clients and give them a sense of relief. Because there are a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs that actively seek guidance from others with more experience, a domain name under the .coach extension can act as a beacon. If you leverage your content correctly and market your .coach website right, you can attract clients and help them reach their goals.

For sports instructors, personal trainers and coaching staff, a domain name under the .coach gTLD can help you get found online. With domain names under the .coach gTLD, potential clients will have an easier time finding you online and connecting with you.

If you have skills to share, advice to give and great experience in your field, domains under the .coach gTLD is a great way to boost your visibility on the Internet!

.coach gTLD Requirements

.coach is an open domain extension with no restrictions, anyone can register a .coach domain name.
The gTLD application for the applicant, Koko Island, LLC, has been approved and you can expect to see it become available in 2014 when more domains are released by ICANN.

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