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.sport domain name

What is the .sport generic Top Level Domain Extension?

The .sport domain is a new digital space for the sport community, by the sport community. Launching in early 2018, the .sport domain extension will serve the worldwide sport community, including governing bodies, clubs and teams, individual athletes, brands, media companies and others connected to sport and athletics.

Who should register a .sport domain?

The .sport domain extension is specifically for the .sport community, with rules to protect the interests of its members.

Key groups of registrants for the .sport domain will include:

  • Federations, sport organizations and governing bodies
  • Clubs and teams
  • Cities and public authorities
  • Athletes and practitioners
  • Sport organizers
  • Event sponsors
  • Sport brands and corporate partners
  • Sports media
  • Sports facilities

In addition to individual registration, there will be programs for categories that are subject to special requirements, such as: discipline names, key sport vocabulary, geographic names and generic names.

Why choose a .sport domain?

Credibility: a .sport domain serves as a credential of the brand, organization, or individual’s role in the sport community, showing belonging and legitimacy.

Memorability: .sport provides dynamic and meaningful context to a name, making the entire web address easier to remember.

Requirements and features of the .sport domain

All .sport registrations will be subject to validation by the registry.

Prospective registrants will be required to provide the intended use of their .sport domains. Domain usage must meet the .sport registry's Eligibility Requirements, namely that .sport domains be used in conjunction with recognized performers, organizers, promoters, partners or supporters of federated Sport.

For exact registration requirements please refer to .sport's registration policies, specifically Section 5.

.Sport supports foreign language domains (IDNs), but they will be subject to advanced validation.

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