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What is the .bond generic Top Level Domain Extension?

.Bond is a new, premium top-level domain extension that is focused on financial markets. Ideal for financial service providers, advisors and investors, .bond connects clients to the experts they are looking for, reinforcing a trusted and stable financial solution.

.Bond will become available for Early Access registration on November 19, 2019.

Benefits of Registering a .bond Domain

The new .bond extension represents a unique opportunity for companies and professionals in the financial industry to register high quality, brandable web addresses that have been long registered in alternative top-level domain extensions. As a fresh namespace, .bond presents a rare opportunity to secure the exact domain name(s) you have always wanted in an aligned and credible extension.

.Bond has no premium names, so with the exception of a short list of registry reserved names, the possibilities are wide open and endless. This means that you can register, brandable, short, and keyword-rich domains at standard registration fee on a first come, first served basis.

List of registry reserved names

Who Should Register a .bond Domain Name?

If you have anything to do with investing, you understand the importance of bonds in a financial portfolio. When you register a .bond domain name, you’re leveraging a powerful word in your web address – one that conveys financial expertise, and reinforces the benefits clients will receive when working with you or your firm.

.Bond is an important and relevant domain extension for the following audiences:

  • Financial Institutions, including commercial banks and credit unions
  • Asset management firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment advisors, financial planners, portfolio managers, commodity brokers
  • Investment websites, blogs and publications
  • Families, friends or groups that share a special bond

Domain Name Suggestions for .bond

In addition to keywords, brand names, and trademarks, you may wish to consider registering the following:

  • YourCompany.bond
  • YourBusiness.bond
  • YourName.bond
  • Fundname.bond
  • PublicationName.bond
  • Familyname.bond

Requirements and Features of .bond Domain Names

  • With no restrictions or registration requirements, .bond is open to anyone who wishes to register it .Bond has no premium names. The registration fee is the same for all .bond domains with the exception of a shortlist of registry reserved names
  • .Bond will renew at the same price as the initial registration fee
  • .Bond can be registered for up to a 10-year period

Registration Phases for .bond: Early Access Period and General Availability

.bond Early Access Period (aka EAP orLandrush) runs over a 7-day period, from November 19 to November 26, 2019, with premium access fees at their highest on day one (USD $11,500) and their lowest on day seven (USD $1650.00).

General Availability begins November 27th, 2019.

All .bond pre-orders for EAP or General Availability will be held in a queue on a first come, first served basis and submitted in the order they were received. Pre-ordering increases the likelihood of acquiring the domain names you want, and is always no risk and no-fee, with only successfully registered domains incurring charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

A domain name – also known as a URL – is your web address online. Without it, customers and visitors won’t be able to find your website.

Finding a domain name for your website is as easy as typing it in on the search bar above. If a domain name is available, simply register it. If it isn’t available, our Domain Search tool provides you with alternative options to meet your needs.

What are all these new domain extensions?

The new domain extensions like .ATTORNEY, .CONSULTING, .LAWYER, .NINJA and .TECH are called new gTLDs. These stand for new generic Top Level Domains and they add new options online.

They work in the same way as a .CA or a .COM, but with the added benefit of being able to create shorter and more specific domain names for your website.

For example, instead of using JohnSmithAccountant.Com or PizzaShop.Ca, you’ll be able to register JohnSmith.Accountant or Pizza.Shop for your website.

Do the new domain extensions work like a .CA or a .COM?

Yes – the new domain extensions work exactly the same way as a .CA or a .COM. Once you find a domain extension that you’d like to use, you’ll be able to add a web hosting plan or a custom business email address to it.

The new domain extensions sound great! How do I get one for myself?

To register a domain name under the new extensions, just type in the name that you want on the search bar at the top. Our Domain Search tool will check to see if the domain name that you want is available and if it isn’t, it will provide alternatives that might be a good fit for your business.

If you want to narrow down the results even further, our Domain Search filters lets you filter the results by category, price and availability.

Some of the domain results don’t have a price associated. What does this mean?

The majority of new domain extensions such as .LAW and .GLOBAL are now available while others will become available in the next few years. While we do our best to make sure you have all the information you need, some extensions haven’t launched or been assigned to a registry operator yet. As a result, we don’t have pricing information available.

To find out when the domain extension that you want becomes available, simply search for a domain name and add it to your pre-registration list for free. Once it becomes available, we’ll send you an email with information on the domain extension’s price and launch date once we have more information for you.

How much will the new domain extensions cost?

New domain extensions like .club, .xyz and .ninja can cost as low as USD $14.99 while others including .attorney, .law and .consulting can be priced a little bit higher. The varying prices are affected by the domain registry or domain operator of the extension.

For new domain extensions that don’t have any pricing information included, this simply means that the domain has not been assigned to an operator or the domain operator has not released information about it yet. When the domain becomes available and as we receive more information about it, we will update the domain’s pricing and inform you about it.

What is a Pre-Order and a Pre-Registration?

The new domain extensions have begun introducing hundreds of new extensions that include .attorney, .consulting, .ninja and .xyz. As the internet’s real estate continues to grow, we’ve created two new options to secure the domain name that you want; Pre-Order and Pre-Registration.

Pre-Order allows you to express your interest for a domain name just before it becomes available. When each domain launches, it undergoes a series of phases before it becomes available to the general public. By placing a Pre-Order, Webnames.ca places your domain name to our submission list. Once the domain becomes available, your domain name is submitted to the registry for registration. Pre-Ordering is free and you will only be charged if your domain name is successfully registered for you.

Pre-Registration on the other hand, allows you to add a domain extension to your watchlist. Pre-Registration will be available for domains that haven’t been delegated to a registry or if a domain’s launch phases hasn’t been announced yet.

What is the advantage of using one of the new domain extensions over a .CA or .COM domain name?

The new domain extensions (gTLDs) create new opportunities to name a website online. With extensions such as .LAWYER, .CLUB, .BAND, .MARKETING and more, the new gTLDs make it clear what your website is all about. The new gTLDs also provide a new opportunity to create shorter and more memorable domain names. Instead of creating a domain like MyNewWebsite.Com, use the new gTLDs to create a domain name like MyNew.Website.

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