Webnames.ca Helps Companies Protect Trademarks and Brands in New .XXX Top Level Domain

Vancouver, December 15, 2011 - Webnames.ca, a leading provider of online services to Canadian businesses, has begun to accept registrations for General Availability for the new, sponsored top-level .XXX domain. Trademark owners and businesses that were unsuccessful securing their domains during the Sunrise B phase, are encouraged to act quickly to block trademarks, brands and business names to prevent their intellectual property from association with adult only content.

“Webnames.ca always encourages business owners to protect their intellectual property online by registering names and products in key domain extensions. This is no different with the new .XXX domain." says Nicholas Caristinos, Webnames.ca Account Manager." Registering the .XXX version of your brand or business name is an especially important defense as most business owners will not wish to have their brand associated with adult content. Registering your names now saves you time and money by avoiding future disputes."

Webnames.ca has been working closely with Trademark owners and businesses during the Sunrise B and pre-registration phase for General Availability to ensure that their brands are protected.

"We manage trade-mark and domain name portfolios for many of our clients. A large number of these portfolios are international and cross over multiple jurisdictions,” says Chris Bennett, Technology and Intellectual Property Lawyer, at Davis LLP. “As a result, some of our clients are familiar with the disputes that can arise when a competitor or cybersquatter in another jurisdiction attempts to register a conflicting domain name or trade-mark. Our advice is that it's usually much less expensive for a company to register its own trade-marks and domain names first, rather than pay the much higher costs of entering into a dispute. That's why several of our clients opted to block their trade-marks in the .XXX domain, rather than take the risk of someone else registering and using those domain names."

.XXX General Registration is open now to the general public. Registration costs $129 US per year and will allow your desired names to be blocked from use and protected. .XXX domains registered at Webnames.ca will not resolve or support live content or email.

To learn more about .XXX, visit Webnames.ca's .XXX page here, https://www.webnames.ca/xxx, or visit WebnamesBlog.ca.

Amy Elderkin
Marketing Coordinator
Webnames.ca Inc.
604-633-3097 ext. 147

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