.TEL Billboards at EasyPark Parkades Mark Launch of the One Vancouver Initiative

Creating a connected community in a mobile world. What's your .Tel?

Vancouver, BC, July 30, 2009 – Webnames.ca is pleased to announce the launch of the One Vancouver Initiative which will use the recently launched .TEL technology to connect local businesses, professionals and the growing social media community.

If you use any of the EasyPark parkades in downtown Vancouver, you’ve probably noticed the prominently displayed .TEL billboards strategically placed at entrances and exits.

The billboards are just one of several awareness raising initiatives that will be seen and heard locally over the next six months. “Our goal is to create 25,000 active .TEL users in Greater Vancouver by the end of the year and for Vancouver to be known as the city with the best connected people” explains Webnames.ca President Stephen Smith.

“.TEL makes it easier to connect with people, to instantly access complete and up-to-date contact information and to ultimately form lasting relationships. We believe that improved communication is a critical factor in everything from business success to personal relationships and that .TEL will play an important role in tourism, education, business and local economic development.”

You don’t need your own .TEL name to start enjoying the benefits. Any .TEL can be viewed through a browser. Those who have a smartphone are even more fortunate as they can appreciate the true power of .TEL by downloading “Hornet” the free address book developed by Webnames.ca for the Blackberry®.  There is also an application for the iPhone at the iPhone App Store.

“We’re very grateful to Pictoform and to EasyPark for helping to spread the word about .TEL” says Smith. “Our hope is that rather than exchanging paper business cards, asking someone ‘What’s your .TEL?’ will soon become a common question in Vancouver.”

More information about the One Vancouver Initiative and to see the growing number of local .TEL users: http://one-vancouver.com or

More information about .TEL: https://www.webnames.ca/tel/default.aspx

Keep up to date with latest developments: http://twitter.com/OneVancouver

Download Hornet Blackberry® Application: http://hornethub.com or

Download Superbook iPhone Application

Download high resolution images: www.one-vancouver.com/news

About .TEL
A .TEL name is a new way to pass personal or business contact information to someone by giving them one easy-to-remember name like Smith.tel or John.tel. .TEL allows users to securely store, update and share their contact information – email addresses, phone numbers, websites, social networks, IM handles, location records and more - under a unique name like YourName.tel. .TEL works with any device that connects to the internet.

About Webnames.ca
Webnames.ca Inc. is an internet solutions company with experience dating back to 1987. A spin-off from the internet pioneers who founded the .CA domain name, Webnames.ca has expertise with specialized domains such as .TEL, corporate domain name management and numerous Internet services. Webnames.ca is funding the One Vancouver Initiative and has built the Hornet Blackberry® Application for .TEL. For more information, visit www.webnames.ca.

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