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WordPress Website Builder


Create a stunning WordPress website using our drag and drop website builder.

WordPress Website Builder

On Sale — Save 25% on 1st year1
Renews at CAD$15.00/mo

Create your WordPress website with BoldGrid.

  • Easy drag and drop WP page builder
  • 200+ mobile friendly WordPress themes
  • Content rich starter templates
  • Simple SEO helper
  • Built-in staging
  • Robust contact forms
  • WordPress hosting plan with unlimited storage & bandwidth
  • Free domain name*
  • 15 email accounts
  • Supports automatic backups
  • Malware monitoring and removal
  • 30-day money back guarantee*

Want to try if first? Simply contact us to start with a free trial.

Building WordPress websites
made easy

Webnames’ BoldGrid website builder makes designing and managing a beautiful, fully-responsive website on WordPress simpler than you can imagine.

Customize layouts

No Coding Required, Customizable WordPress Layouts

Simply drag and drop content into place, while leveraging pre-built WordPress pages with flexible layouts, starter copy, relevant images and ecommerce tools.

Flexible websites

Flexible for All Types of Business and Websites

Choose from professional themes designed for consultants, realtors, restaurants, fitness professionals, portfolio sites and online stores.

Reliable support

Incredible Value, Superior Reliability and Support

We include a free domain name, professional email accounts and reliable, secure WordPress optimized hosting for a total solution.

Total site ownership

Total Ownership of Your
Website, Always

Unlike some other website building platforms, you’re now on WordPress which can be moved to any host and you retain 100% ownership of your website.

Build, launch and grow your WordPress website - no coding or design skills required

Designing your website is only the first part of your journey - as you grow, you’ll be refining, adding and optimizing your content. Infinitely customizable, BoldGrid for WordPress has tools to support you at every stage, keep your website secure, and help you rank in search engines so you can be found by people who need your services.


  • Choose curated colour palettes or create one to match your brand
  • Drag and drop preformatted page sections consisting of text or images to create perfect page layouts
  • Resize page sections and test out different backgrounds
  • Easily embed effective forms with built-in logic and submission management
  • Use BoldGrid’s full control WYSIWYG editor for all your updates, or custom tweak to your heart’s desire - BoldGrid offers source code access to all its themes
SEO plugin

Optimize for search engines

  • Start out with a competitive edge - search engines love WordPress
  • Get on-page help optimizing your content so that it ranks in search engines
  • Target keywords or phrases and track their performance in an SEO dashboard
  • Easily update important search ranking factors like page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, image tags and keyword density
  • Analyze your site’s performance and receive SEO recommendations in real time

Test and stage

  • Test new themes, plugins and updates with confidence in a safe and secure staging environment
  • Do away with separate, staging specific subdomains or hosting environments
  • Publish changes with a single click to your live website when you’re ready
Stage and test
Archived backups

Worry free backup

  • Schedule convenient, automated backups on a recurring schedule, or run a manual backup anytime with just a click
  • Store up to 10 backup archives
  • Import your BoldGrid backup into new WordPress installation

Sell online

  • Seamlessly integrate WooCommerce - the free, expandable ecommerce platform trusted by more than two million online stores - into your BoldGrid website
  • Use BoldGrid’s drag and drop features to easily build and optimize your WooCommerce store
  • Implement secure checkout and shipping in multiple currencies, automated inventory management, discount offers, product reviews and more
Ecommerce in action

BoldGrid Helps WP Professionals Build,
Scale and Deploy Faster

Dramatically reduce time spent on tedious or routine tasks and spend it being creative. BoldGrid streamlines the process of building a high-quality WordPress website, saving designers, developers and agencies time and money.

Customize existing themes, leverage pre-built content layouts and colour schemes, experience better image handling, and edit source code with ease.

We recommend our WordPress Advantage or Pro hosting plans for professional users. Both include the Plesk WordPress toolkit, in addition to one free premium BoldGrid license. Add additional BoldGrid licenses for CAD $5.00.

Boldgrid for professionals

Leverage the power, flexibility and security of WordPress, without the learning curve

Intuitive for all users

BoldGrid Makes WordPress Simple for Non-Technical Users

WordPress is a powerful and big platform full of possibilities, which can make it complex for beginners.

BoldGrid makes WordPress intuitive and eliminates the learning curve for non-technical users. Drag and drop your content, test our themes and colour palettes, make changes with a powerful WYSIWYG editor and watch your website take shape!

Total site ownership

Retain 100% Ownership of your Website

A huge drawback of some all-in-one website builders is that you are captive to their platform - unable to export your website and content to a new hosting provider.

When you invest the time to build a website, you should have the option to export your content or change providers. With a WordPress website, you retain 100% ownership and control.

1000s of plugins

Access Thousands of Plugins for Limitless Customization

WordPress corners the market in extensibility and scalability, allowing you to grow, customize and optimize your website.

WordPress’ open source platform gives you access to thousands of themes and plugins that cover everything from security to social to SEO. No other CMS can provide you as many benefits as WordPress - full stop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Wordpress Website Builder uses Boldgrid, a set of plugins that make drag-and-drop website building possible on the WordPress Content Management System. Websites built with BoldGrid and powered by WordPress have several benefits over other website builders such as Wix, Weebly and Squarespace: Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and many other website platforms are proprietary property of their respective companies. Websites built using these platforms are not compatible with any other website hosting, and therefore must always be hosted by the respective company. Regardless of future pricing, performance or preference, these websites cannot be moved to any other hosting provider. WordPress, on the other hand, is a free and open-source platform. Websites built using Wordpress can be freely moved between any hosting provider. Additionally, WordPress is constantly evolving with new editions and features. Websites built using WordPress can take advantage of all current features and future improvements for free, forever. Wix, Weebly and Squarespace are commercial, closed and proprietary platforms. WordPress is free, extensible, and future-proof – forever.

WordPress Website builder allows you to build a full functional multi-page website on the popular WordPress content management system using a WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get) editor which is hosted on a package and supports advanced features such as e-commerce, blogs and dynamic content. On the other hand, is a one-page website builder that is great for beginners and small businesses that want a simple online presence.

The BoldGrid included with Webnames WordPress hosting plans is the premium version and includes a BoldGrid Premium Connect Key. This means all BoldGrid features will be enabled without limitation. Webnames customers can receive customer support directly from our in-house team, in addition to the team that created BoldGrid.

The free, non-hosted version BoldGrid does not include certain premium features or customer support. Websites built using the free version will also contain BoldGrid branding and links back to the BoldGrid website.

WordPress optimized hosting is a specialized type of hosting that has additional features and configurations in place to boost the performance, features, and security of WordPress websites.

No. Webnames' WordPress Website Builder may be used with a domain name registered at another domain registrar. If you transfer your domain to Webnames, however, it will renew free of charge for the duration of your plan provided your term is 6-months or longer.

* WordPress Website Builder with terms of 6 months and longer includes a free domain. Valid extensions are .CA, .COM, .ORG, .NET, .CLICK, .LINK, .WORK, .PICTURES, .NAME, .ONE, and .US. Your domain will renew free of charge for the duration of your hosting plan. The free domain renewal cannot be transferred and applied to other domain names.
† Price based on a new purchase of 1-year term.
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