Get online quickly and affordably with a FastTrack custom website!

  • WordPress

    The first six pages of your website built in WordPress with custom design.
  • Everything you need to get online

    Your web hosting, email and domain name* are all included.
  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Your website can be delivered to you within 8-10 business days.

WordPress Support Plan


WordPress Support, available by the hour.

  • Content & formatting updates
  • HTML and CSS support
  • Page & menu management
  • Rich media integration & file management
  • Plugin & Widget integration and updates

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Benefits of a Custom Designed Website from

  1. 1. The perfect web solution for your business

    FastTrack includes everything your business needs for its website. Free web hosting, multiple email accounts and a free domain name* are included, making it the perfect online solution!

  2. 2. Multiple add-ons

    You have the ability to choose which features you want on your website. Choose from a variety of add-ons such as: rotating banners, customized e-commerce solutions, enhanced contact us pages, newsletter subscription, e-commerce and much more. See a full list of our featured add-ons.

  3. 3. Industry leading customer support

    One of our custom website designers will provide you the training you need to maintain your website. If you need additional assistance, our custom website designers are on hand to help you with training, add-on support and website updates.


Key Features

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SEO Starter
Google Analytics Integration
Industry leading customer support
Six Page WordPress Website
Free domain name*
Web Hosting & Basic Email

In addition to the free features, for a small additional investment, you can choose additional custom options for your website priced between $30 - $120.

To add any of the items below call us at 1-866-976-9835 or email us at


Extra Pages ADD-ON
Extra Images ADD-ON
Stock Images ADD-ON
Contact Us ADD-ON
E-Commerce ADD-ON
Homepage Rotating Banner ADD-ON
Multilingual Site ADD-ON
Rotating Testimonials ADD-ON
Newsletter Subscription ADD-ON Contact Form ADD-ON
PayPal Button ADD-ON
PayPal Cart ADD-ON
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Demo Sites

Need additional samples?
Email us at and we’ll send you a sample from our portfolio.

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Get a great looking website in 3 easy steps

Once you’ve decided that a custom website is right for you, getting started couldn’t be easier. You can start whenever you’re ready and if you need any help, just call us at 1-866-976-9835. Full details, support documents and links are provided below.

Getting started steps background 1

Preparation & Submission

Prepare your site content and submit your content through our FastTrack form.

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Our designers get to work on building your new WordPress website.

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Review your completed website and if necessary, request minor changes.

1. Preparation and Submission

After selecting FastTrack as the web solution for your business, you will receive our FastTrack Guide. Our step-by-step guide will help you prepare the content you want on your website.

If you’ve never prepared content for a website before, we’ve made samples to help you get started, including a blank template and blank templates of our FastTrack sample sites.

See how others have organized their content. We've made a few templates available so you can view real examples of how FastTrack users have organized their site's content.

After submitting your content, a member of our FastTrack website design team will contact you to get additional directions or requests you’d like to make.

2. Production

Using the content and direction you’ve provided, our website design team will begin constructing your website. We’ve spent a lot of time streamlining the Custom Website program to allow us to really focus our time and energy on designing and creating your site.

3. Review

As soon as your site is ready we’ll send you a private link to preview your website. You’ll be able to request minor changes and schedule a convenient time for your WordPress tutorial.

Contact us for help at 1-866-976-9835 or email:

Getting a custom website is easy! Get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions about our Custom Websites

  1. Why Choose FastTrack?

    Our FastTrack web design service provides you with everything a website needs to get up and running, the price of which includes a domain name and web hosting.

    In addition to a domain name and web hosting plan, you’ll also receive both a SEO starter kit and integration with Google Analytics. These features ensure that your site gets noticed by search engines and provides you insight on how customers use your website.

  2. What do I need to do to get started?

    Every FastTrack custom website begins with your input. Once you provide us with your content and requirements, our web designers begin creating and designing your website. The average turnaround time is 8 to 10 days, and before it is launched, you’ll be able to review your website and make revisions to it to ensure that you are happy with the end result.

    For more information and for additional resources, visit our Getting Started Page

  3. How many pages are included with my FastTrack Custom Website?

    We’ll build your FastTrack website on the popular WordPress platform which can support an unlimited number of website pages. For your FastTrack project, our expert web designers will created your first six pages which will be optimized to meet your requirements. The design of additional webpages is available for an additional cost.

  4. Will I be able to provide feedback during the design process?

    Yes! After an initial proof of your website is designed, it will be made available to you for comment and feedback. We will perform one round of revisions to your initial website design as part of your FastTrack package.

  5. How do I manage my site once it has been launched?

    One of the primary benefits of our FastTrack design service is that it’s our goal that you have the ability to look after your website on an ongoing basis. Via a one-on-one tutorial prior to the launch, we’ll guide you through all aspects of maintaining and managing your website. From updating content, creating new pages, photo galleries and plugins, we’ll explain it all in an easy to understand language that will put you in the driver’s seat of your new website.

    If you’re nervous about managing it on your own, don’t worry! We offer affordable WordPress support by the hour if you ever need assistance or want us to do the site maintenance or administration for you.

  6. I already have a domain name and web hosting. Will I still have to pay the full price?

    If you already have an existing domain name and web hosting plan, you can purchase a standalone FastTrack package at a reduced cost. Once the project is underway, we can connect your domain name and web hosting plan to your new website for a seamless transition.

  7. What are the ongoing costs for my website?

    The cost for your FastTrack website is $849 (plus any optional add-ons). This price includes the website design project, plus everything you need to be online for one year. After the first year is up, your cost will typically be $75 per year for the all-inclusive hosting package.

  • * Free domain name is limited to the CA, .COM, .NET, .INFO, .ORG, .BIZ, .CLUB, .CLICK, .LINK, .ONE, .PICTURES, .ROCKS, .SPACE, .WORK, .XYZ and .FUTBOL domain extensions.
You provide us with the content, we’ll put together six pages for your website. (Home, About Us, Products, contact us etc.)
Powerful Web Hosting and multiple Basic Email accounts are included with your FastTrack custom website to make sure that your business is up and running, and can easily be found online.
Free domain name is limited to the CA, .COM, .NET, .INFO, .ORG, .BIZ, .CLUB, .CLICK, .LINK, .ONE, .PICTURES, .ROCKS, .SPACE, .WORK, .XYZ and .FUTBOL domain extensions.
You receive 2 hours of support per year to help you with content, site add-ons and training for your WordPress website.
All Canadian web hosting plans include multiple email accounts with great features such as: Webmail, POP/IMAP support, spam protection and more. Personalize your email and represent yourself professionally with a YourName@YourDomain email account!
This service helps ensure your site will be indexed quickly by Google and includes a Search Engine Optimization plugin, to help analyze pages and provide a foundation for your SEO strategy.

The service includes the creation of an XML sitemap and integration with Google Webmaster Tools, together with a short tutorial for using the SEO plugin.
WordPress is a search engine friendly platform, but managing your SEO can be made much easier using specially designed plugins. This upgrade includes installation, basic setup and a short introduction to using the plugin to help improve your site's ranking with search engines.
Each custom website comes with six pages and you will be taught how to add/edit pages and add them to your menu, but we can also create additional standard pages* for you.

* Additional charges may apply.
You will be taught how to add images to your website, but if you want us to include extra images on your pages, or build galleries, a small per image charge is applicable. The charge covers image management, basic sizing, cropping and optimization, upload and integration into the page, banner or gallery.

If the image is to be used as part of a graphic, additional design charges will normally apply.
One stock image is included in the price of each custom website and is normally used in the banner. Additional stock imagery is available; however, licensing requires that if we purchase it for you, it may only be used on your site and in the way we design it to be used.

We highly recommend that you license stock imagery directly and provide it to us for use on your site. In this way, you retain the original and may be able to use the image in multiple ways, subject to the terms of your license with the provider.
Features an upgraded contact form with CAPTCHA (distorted text to reduce automated spam) and interactive Google Map that includes Get Directions.
A standard, single image banner is included with each custom website. An attractive rotating banner featuring three images and messages gives additional appeal to your home page and is a good way to convey three separate values or messages to customers.

The price includes two additional stock images for extra banners.
Add three testimonials which rotate with an attractive transition to your sidebar or footer. Testimonials can be any length but we recommend 25-50 words to create an attractive visual block.
Newsletters provide a means to regularly communicate with customers, building relationships, providing the latest information on products and services and encouraging visitors to return to your website.

The newsletter add-on provides newsletter subscription, subscriber management and ensures compliance with current legislation with respect to double opt-in and unsubscribe functions. You can also create template based newsletters and mail them to subscribers.
Send leads directly to This plugin creates allows you to create a configurable form on your website and have lead information integrate directly into for fast follow up and customer relationship management. Requires your Organization ID.
The custom website program offers a second language site for customers that need to offer their services in more than one language. Typically multilingual sites are complex and incomplete as only parts of the site can be easily translated using available plugins.

Every aspect of the second language site can be edited, making it one of the most complete and inexpensive options available.
PayPal Add to Cart buttons offer a very simple eCommerce solution if you only have one or two items to sell. You must have a PayPal Account and be able to create the codes for products you wish to sell. Does not include the notion of a Shopping Cart.
PayPal Cart is a plugin that extends the functionality of Add to Cart buttons to allow multiple items to be added to a cart on your website before being sent to the Checkout on PayPal.

It is a good solution for people with dozens of items for sale. Up to 10 products are added as part of the setup cost and training provided for you to add more items.
No e-commerce is offered with the custom websites beyond the PayPal Button and PayPal Cart solutions mentioned above. Please contact us with your requirements and a representative will be happy to explain your options.