E-Mail Channeling

  • Multiple "aliases" may be set up (e.g. president@yourdomain.ca, info@yourdomain.ca, sales@yourdomain.ca) which you can then channel to any working e-mail address (a great way for small businesses to mimic a larger corporation).
  • There is no limit to the number of aliases you create. (first alias FREE; $5.00 per year per additional alias)
  • You can channel wildcard to one existing e-mail address or channel each alias to a distinct e-mail address.
  • For a flat fee of $20.00 per year, you may also choose the "Wildcard" option that automatically channels anything@yourdomain.ca to one e-mail address.

All you need is:

  1. a working e-mail address for the e-mail aliases to channel to (can be through a free e-mail service such as hotmail.com as long as it works) and
  2. a registered domain name that is not already hosted by another internet service provider

Please note: E-mail Channeling does NOT provide you with an e-mail account or mailbox with which you can store e-mail or send e-mail. E-mail Channeling is not suitable for customers who have specified their own Domain Name Server (DNS) information for their domain name (i.e. the domain name is already hosted by an Internet Service Provider and has an active website).

Applications E-mail Channeling is especially powerful for families and small businesses. Here's how:

  • Register your surname/family name with Webnames.ca.
  • Select E-mail Channeling as an option at the time you register a new domain or login to your account to choose this feature for an existing domain.
  • Create an alias e-mail address firstname@surname.ca for yourself or for all members of your family and specify to what working e-mail address you want each alias e-mail address to be channeled to.
  • If your working e-mail account changes, you simply need to change the channeling details without ever having to inform your contacts that your e-mail address has changed!

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