Domain Forwarding

Domain Forwarding allows you to select an existing web page to forward all domain traffic to. Simply provide us with the URL (web address) you wish traffic to be transferred to and we'll do the rest! Domain Forwarding is Free with your registration or renewal. Register your domain for multiple years to take advantage of this free service.

With Domain Forwarding, your domain name is forwarded to an existing website and a visitor's browser displays the existing website's URL in the address bar. Forwarding is a great way to consolidate traffic to one website.


  • you have a website at
  • you forward your related domains such as and to
  • when someone types or into the address bar of their Internet browser, they get directed to and they see "" in their browser's address bar.

Domain Forwarding and Domain Gripping can be selected by performing the following steps from within your Webnames account:

  • Browse to My Account -> Manage Domains and Services.
  • Click on the domain in question.
  • Click on the Select a Service Tab, and then scroll down to 'Domain Value Bundle' and 'Apply Domain Forwarding'.
  • Click the Configure button.
  • Enter in the URL that you would like to forward your domain to (e.g. or ).
  • Optionally, you may utilize the Gripping option, which result in your domain name staying in your visitor's the web browser address bar. With this option unchecked, the forwarding will result in the address bar updating as the visitor is forwarded from your domain to the destination site.

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