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One Vancouver is an initiative to strengthen ties with people in our lives, creating long lasting business relationships, forging stronger social networks and extending a welcome hand to visitors to our city.

Comprising a growing number of partners and projects from business, tourism, government and education, One Vancouver's goal is to distribute 25,000 .TEL names in Greater Vancouver before 2010 and create a community that is better connected, easy to reach and available for business in a mobile world.

What's your .TEL?

A Single Point of Contact

A .TEL is an easy to remember name like or to which an individual or company can add all their contact information.

It creates a single point of contact which is easily recalled and helps people and businesses connect, whether by phone, email, fax or instant message. A .TEL directs people to targeted information such as a web site or blog and helps provides a central hub for general information such as opening times and prices, and includes new technologies such as, Twitter. Built in geo-location services make it easy to map any destination and even get directions.

Getting Started

To find out if your .TEL name is still available please enter the name you want in the box above and click search.

To learn more about One Vancouver, our partners and projects – or to see some of the growing number of local .TEL names, please visit

Free .TEL Address Books

If you have an iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Mobile phone, you can see for yourself how .TEL is changing the way we connect by downloading a free .TEL address book. You don’t need your own .TEL name to start seeing the benefits.

iPhone – Visit App Store on your iPhone and search for SuperBook to install the free .TEL address book.

Blackberry® Smartphones – Download Hornet, the .TEL address book for Blackberry® Smartphones from or straight to your Blackberry from

Windows Mobile Devices – Applications for Windows Mobile, Outlook and other devices and software are available from

Win a Blackberry Storm

Get your .TEL name from between now and September 30th and you will be automatically entered to win a Blackberry® Storm.

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