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Business Email Hosting

as low as



/month per account

*Pricing listed is in CAD. Based on 25 Professional accounts or more.
AirSync is an available add-on and not included in the plans.

  • Your name, your identity:

    Stand out with a personalized email, use your own domain name to represent yourself and your brand.
  • Access Your Email, Anywhere!

    Stay connected anywhere and at anytime. Sync your business email with your mobile devices and make sure you never miss any urgent messages.
  • Multi-User Collaborative Tools: email makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues and partners. Boost productivity by sharing contacts, calendar events and IM with other users.
  • Reliable and Secure:

    Webnames ensures that your email remains private and virtually spam free with our industry leading firewalls.



The powerful email hosting solution for individuals or small businesses.

  • 2 GB of storage per account
  • IMAP and POP support
  • Outlook Compatible
  • AirSync add-on *

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  • ($1.95 per month)
  • ($11.70)
  • ($23.40)
  • ($70.20)

Benefits of's Email Hosting plans

  1. 1. Your Name, Your Identity

    Business class email gets you noticed. Stand out with a personalized and branded email using your own domain name. Stop using a generic email address from your ISP, Hotmail or Google and promote your brand instead!

  2. 2. Reliable and Secure HTTPS, backed up and virtually spam free. ensures your email is SSL secure with our industry leading firewalls. You'll notice the difference the moment you make the switch!

  3. 3. Powerful Collaboration Tools

    With an intuitive user interface that engages its users, Pronto! promotes team collaboration and increases productivity with shared calendar, shared contacts and instant messaging tools. business email can be used with your favourite email client, or on its own through our feature rich Pronto! Webmail or standard webmail.

  4. 4. High Touch, Unlimited, Toll Free, Bilingual Support

    In an industry geared for self-serve, takes a different approach. We understand that you want to speak to an expert, whether you are purchasing a service or need technical help. That's why every member of our team is extensively trained to provide thorough, dedicated, one-to-one help via our unlimited, toll free telephone support line. Our average telephone response time is typically one minute or less. We respond to emails in one business day and we are pleased to serve you in either English or French.

as low as



/month per account

*Pricing listed is in CAD. Based on 25 Professional accounts or more.
AirSync is an available add-on and not included in the plans.

as low as



/month per account

*Pricing listed is in CAD. Based on 25 Professional accounts or more.
AirSync is an available add-on and not included in the plans.

  1. What is Business Email Hosting with

    Business Email Hosting gives you the ability to create your own personalized and branded email address using your domain name. You can access your business email on virtually any desktop and mobile device. Sync your business email with your preferred email client, like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, or take your email with you on-the-go on your mobile device.*

    Additional features included with Business Email Hosting include collaboration tools that give you the ability to share your contacts with team members and powerful anti-spam filters to keep you secure from unsolicited messages. Through our secure mail, we also offer SSL connectivity for both the sending and receipt of mail, ensuring that access to your email remains as secure as possible over mediums such as mobile networks or public Wi-Fi hotspots.

    To learn more on how to sync your Business Email Plan with your email client, visit our Email FAQ page

  2. Why Business Email Hosting with

    Business Email Hosting with keeps your information and data secure. is a 100% Canadian company, and all our servers (including the ones for your email) are all hosted in Canada and are not subject to controversial foreign laws such as the US Patriot Act, DMCA and PRISM.

  3. Why Not Use a Free Service, like Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail?

    There are multiple reasons why a personalized and branded email is better than free email services:

    1) You get a great branding opportunity by promoting your own website on your email. A is better than a regular @gmail or @hotmail account. Every time you hit the “send” button is an opportunity to increase your personal and business brand.

    2) Free email services look unprofessional and give the impression of small or unstable businesses. By using a personalized and branded email, you and your business can look more professional and give the impression of a larger operation. Setting up multiple email accounts such as, or can add different layers for your business and give the impression of a larger company.

    3) Setting up multiple email accounts helps you grow your business and improve productivity. Having multiple email accounts for the different departments in your business allow you to monitor what your customers are asking and to whom those messages are directed. This helps you determine who you should hire next or where you need to make improvement in your operations.

    4) A personalized email account hosted in Canada with a Canadian company protects you against PRISM. The PRISM program allows the US government backdoor access to the databases of free email services. The US government can tap into Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail and download every message stored in their respective databases. Canadian companies are not obligated to provide the US government access to your data, effectively protecting your information and security.

  4. What is AirSync?

    AirSync is a brand new feature to our two new powerful Business Email Plans. AirSync allows you to receive your emails on your mobile device*. Receive push notifications, send and receive emails, and sync your calendars and contacts on your mobile device with AirSync.

    To learn more on how to activate the AirSync add-on, visit our AirSync FAQ page

  5. Which Business Email Hosting Plan is right for me?

    The Professional Plan is the right plan if you are looking for a personalized email account or for small businesses. The 2 GB storage limit on Professional Plan email accounts is enough to store an estimated 27,000 email messages.

    The Professional Plus Plan is the right plan for those working in a design oriented industry and businesses that need to track large amounts of correspondence sent to clients, partners and colleagues.

  6. How does’s Business Email Solutions help my business?

    As your business grows and adds more members to your team, professionally representing your business becomes more critical. Our two Business Email Plans allow you to support your business’ growth by adding additional email addresses any time.

The Patriot Act allows the US government to access and monitor personal data of any individual without their personal consent.
The DMCA or Digital Millennium Copyright Act prevents any companies in the US to post or share any copyrighted information, even if it was by accident. If your site is hosted in the US, it can be potentially taken down without notice.
PRISM provides US government agencies backdoor access to the databases of most technology companies in the US. Through the PRISM program, the US government was able to collect data, including account information, from the databases of large US companies Google, Yahoo! and Hotmail. This means that information on email accounts utilizing these services can be collected and analyzed by the US government, without your consent or knowledge.
  • *Compatible with iOS (versions: 4.0 and higher) & Android (versions 4.0 and higher). AirSync available as an add-on for CAD $2.49/month per email account.
More storage means more space to store emails, documents, and photos.
Allows you to download your email off of your site's domain servers onto your computer so that you can access your email with a desktop application like Microsoft Outlook.
Stay connected anywhere, anytime with AirSync! Automatically sync your Business Professional email directly with your mobile devices to ensure you don't miss your urgent messages. In addition to your email, sync your contacts and calendars with all of your devices & receive notifications directly to your phone.

Compatible with iPhone & Android (iOS versions: 4.x-7.x & Android versions: 4.0-4.3).
Sync your Business Pro or Pro Plus email plan with Microsoft Outlook or other desktop email clients.
Sync up your hosted email accounts with Contacts and Calendar for Outlook. Keep your contacts and your calendar consistent and managed in a single location.
Each Business Email account supports attachments up to 20MB per email.
Exchange messages and stay connected with users, instantly!
Eliminate clutter in your inbox by creating specialized folders. Create up to 70 folders to keep your Business Email account structured and organized.
Take full control over your domain's email accounts with Admin Controls panel. Learn how to customize your accounts and personalize them to your preferences to achieve the best email solutions possible.
Pronto! Webmail displays an easy to use design and feature rich interface. Get access to shared calendars and contacts, and instant messaging.
Access your email online via webmail. Webmail gives you the ability to access your email anywhere. All you need is a web browser and all your emails will be at the tip of your fingers no matter where you are.
Share and manage your contacts and calendars amongst all of your users. Remain organized, consistent and efficient while increasing productivity and promoting collaboration.
We ensure that all of our email hosting products are outfitted with industry leading firewalls to ensure maximum security, protection and privacy for your data. Take advantage of either email hosting plan and keep your email virtually spam-free.
Do you have multiple groupings of users you email regularly? Perfect for marketing and personal management; keep them organized with distribution groups and maintain your network.
Our email hosting products support an attachment size limit of 20MB, per email, featured on both email hosting plans.