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.technology domain name

What is the .technology generic Top Level Domain Extension?

The .technology gTLD is one of the new, unrestricted domains; this means registration of a .technology domain name is open to anyone and everyone. From individuals to businesses, the .technology gTLD is perfect if you operate in or affiliated with the booming tech industry.

Why is the .technology so great? With amount of new innovations and inventions being released every year, having a dedicated name space for technology companies is important. It allows tech companies to properly represent themselves online, share tech news and help foster innovation in younger generations.

Examples of possible .technology domains are: YourDaily.technology for online publishers that want to create a website that features daily updates of new gadgets, gear and tech or for a budding startup, YourBusiness.technology is an option for you to brand yourself as a tech company. Tech companies using the .technology gTLD extension have the potential to help you attract investors, users and new customers since they know that you are a tech company just from seeing your name.

There are other ways to use the .technology gTLD, such as creating an online forum for innovators or other tech gurus. From a user standpoint, domains under the .technology gTLD will also make it easier to find relevant websites. Instead of having to filter through different .com or .net domains, .technology is concise and immediately tells me that the website has technology related information that I could use.

.technology gTLD Requirements

The new gTLD application for the applicant, Auburn Falls, has been approved and its Sunrise period will be open on December 10, 2013.

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