Everything needs repairs - make sure your customers can find your repair shop online, with the .repair domain!

.repair domain name

What is the .repair generic Top Level Domain Extension?

It's no question that things get broken and need repairs from time to time. From the plumbing in our homes to repairing the Discovery Space Station, anything and everything needs a little maintenance. With the launch of the new domain extensions, it's only fitting that the people who repair our things finally get a domain of their own. The new .repair gTLD aims to provide those that repair things as a service, a dedicated domain space on the Internet.

If you repair things, then you know the importance of being found online. As more people head to the Internet for answers and solutions to damaged goods, your competitors are also heading online to secure their business. With the new .repair domain extension, you can create a distinct name that will help you and your business standout against the competition. A domain under the .repair gTLD will help you identify yourself and your service quickly to potential customers and visitors. By using YourBusiness.Repair, potential visitors can quickly tell that you provide repairs as a service and have the solution to their needs.

.repair gTLD Requirements

Registration of .repair domains is open to everyone. The application for the applicant, Lone Sunset, LLC, has been approved and its Sunrise Period will begin on January 21, 2014.

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