.plus domain name

What is the .plus generic Top Level Domain Extension?

The .plus gTLD is an open domain extension and anyone can register a .plus domain. Because the word "plus" is pretty generic and can be applied to a variety of things, you can also expect to see a wide range of .plus domains.

.Plus domains can range from marketing websites (promotional discounts), improvement websites, restaurants, big discount stores, and self-improvement and coaching websites.

For businesses, you can be creative in how you use your .plus domain. Will it be a dedicated page for new promotions and contests? Or will it be a page for a premium service your business offers? How you use .plus is up to you.

For restaurants that offer large portions or have large menus, a domain under the .plus gTLD is a way for you to tell potential customers about the size of your servings and the variety you offer.

Finally, if you run a self-help website or a coaching business, you now have the chance to find a creative name that can help you connect with your audience. Use the .plus domain to tell your audience that your website has the information that they need to improve themselves.

.plus gTLD Requirements

The application for the applicant, Sugar Mill, LLC, has been approved and its sunrise period will be open soon. You can expect to see some extensions become available in 2013 when they are released by ICANN.

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