They say that pictures speak a thousand words, so secure your .photos domain and let your pictures speak for themselves!

.photos domain name

What is the .photos generic Top Level Domain Extension?

With the massive amount of new domain extensions being released, it is only fitting that a photographers get a chance to claim their spot on the Internet. The .photos gTLD is one of the unrestricted domain extensions that can perfectly support photographers, both professional and amateur.

As a photographer, why should you register your .photos domain name? Well, for one, it represents what your product/service is concisely. Instead of having to compete against other companies under the .COM or .BIZ extension, simply create a .photos domain and potential customers will instantly understand what your business is all about. If you still prefer your current .COM, .CA or .BIZ name, you can still use the .photos as a digital gallery of your work. Simply send them off to YourBiz.Photos and they can see the quality of work you do, no need to give them a long URL or tell them to navigate to a page on your website, just give them your .photos domain.

For amateur photographers looking to make a name for yourself, a .photos domain name is a great start to building your portfolio and personal brand. Don’t use a .COM or .BIZ and get lost in the online crowd, use .photos and standout!

.photos gTLD Requirements

Registration of .photos domains is open to everyone. The new gTLD application for the applicant, Sea Corner, LLC, has been approved and its Sunrise period will begin on December 24, 2013.

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