Connect with others and boost your business online with a new .partners domain

.partners domain name

What is the .partners generic Top Level Domain Extension?

The new .partners domain is one of those gTLDs that is flexible enough that it can be used by different businesses, individuals and organizations.

If you are a professional-services firm, chances are the names of the founding partners are on top of your office or building. It's a big piece of advertising real estate but a lot of businesses are now heading online to promote themselves. The new .partners gTLD provides you with a new avenue to attract new clients and promote your firm online.

Other businesses can also use the new .partners gTLD by using it as a way to attract new partners for their businesses. Create a YourCompany.Partners to channel potential affiliates and provide them with the information they need to partner up with your company.

Who can use a .partners domain?

The new .partners domain is open to everyone and is a great option for businesses, individuals and organizations that operate or identify themselves as a partnership.

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