.page domain name

What is the .page generic Top Level Domain Extension?

The .page domain from Google Registry is for anyone who wants to create a new website online. Versatile, short and memorable, .page is an ideal domain for entrepreneurs, publishers, developers, businesses, and students who want to:

  • Get their business online
  • Showcase their work to the world
  • Reach new customers and help them remember them more easily with a unique domain
  • Promote marketing efforts with a unique, relevant, and short domain name

.page is a HTTPS Secure Namespace

As part of Google’s push towards universal adoption of HTTPS, the .page namespace has been added to the HSTS Preload list. This means that all front-facing webpages under the .page zone will require a valid SSL/TLS certificate in order to be HTTPS secure, ensure access via modern web browsers, and be in compliance with Google Registry's requirements.

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