Finally, an extension for marketing professionals! The .marketing domain has arrived!

.marketing domain name

What is the .marketing generic Top Level Domain Extension?

With the new domains launching soon, a domain dedicated for marketing professionals, agencies and firms will be available soon!

Every business needs a competitive edge. Sustaining and maintaining that advantage is even tougher. Most businesses realize that being an early adopter can be risky but the potential upside is sure to pay dividends. This is exactly what the .marketing gTLD is about, but with more upside than other gTLDs.

The .marketing gTLD will be great for boutique agencies and marketing experts that are trying to stand out online. If you belong to either group, consider registering a .marketing domain. This new gTLD will have multiple uses; from a blog to a portfolio of past campaigns you've crafted for clients, your .marketing domain can help you gain more exposure online.

Larger agencies and firms should also consider the registration of domains under the .marketing gTLD for their long-term strategy. You can use the .marketing domain for specific campaigns and programs that can boost your company's exposure. You can also protect your brand by securing your .marketing domain. While your current .com or .ca may be synonymous with your brand, some people will still stumble upon or attempt to go to YourDomain.Marketing. You can re-direct your customers back to your main website and keep their business with you.

Finally, for all marketing agencies and firms that are planning on doing some re-branding, the .marketing extension is a great domain to re-invent your online presence.

.marketing gTLD Requirements

Registration of .marketing domains is open to everyone. The application for the applicant, Fern Pass, LLC, has been approved and will begin its Sunrise Phase on February 4, 2014.

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