Expand your reach into different markets with a .kaufen domain name

.kaufen domain name

What is the .kaufen generic Top Level Domain Extension?

Kaufen is German for the word “buy” and is the perfect way for businesses to tap into one of the fastest growing markets in the world: the German commercial market. The new .kaufen gTLD will be a name space that promotes e-commerce in a rapidly expanding market and having a domain under this new gTLD can help businesses reach more customers online.

When you register a .kaufen domain, you will be able to connect with visitors that are looking for your product. If they are looking for an e-commerce website, a .kaufen domain can help you and your business identify yourself and connect with potential customers.

.kaufen gTLD Requirements

Registration of .kaufen domains is open to everyone. The application for the applicant, United TLD Holdco., has been approved and its Sunrise Period will begin during Q2 2014.

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