.icu domain name

What is the .inc generic Top Level Domain Extension?

.icu is a generic domain that is industry, language, and geographically agnostic, providing users the ultimate flexibility to use their domain anywhere and for anything. Playful and fun, .icu is a great choice for brands, marketing campaigns, product launches, portfolio websites and more that want a distinctive and memorable address online.

Who should register a .icu domain?

This flexible extension is not dedicated to, or associated with, any particular vertical or subject matter. With no registration restrictions, .icu can be used by any individual, business, group or cause seeking to find and connect to audiences online.

Why choose a .inc domain?

  • Three letter domain extensions are the most recognized domains by consumers, and easiest to recall
  • Compared to more established domains, .icu has excellent name availability
  • As globally recognized acronym,. icu is geographically agnostic and great for websites with an international audience

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