Spread the holiday cheer with a .holiday domain!

.holiday domain name

What is the .holiday generic Top Level Domain Extension?

With hundreds of new domains launching soon, there will inevitably be an extension for the holidays! While you might think that .holiday is only meant for the holidays, there are different ways to use this extension.

For those that are just passionate about the holidays, consider registering a .holiday domain. You can create blogs that revolve around the occasion you are passionate about or you can blog about all the holidays around the world. You can also use a domain under this gTLD to create an online shop that provides your customers with holiday-related products and services.

What else can you use a .holiday domain for? Well, for business, organizations and non-profits, registration and using a .holiday will allow you to create a flexible website for your business. Be creative in the name of your choice and it will allow you to capitalize on the holidays to generate more traffic to your website. Your .holiday domain doesn't necessarily have to be your main website and you can use your .holiday domain to support your business.

For marketers planning a campaign during a specific holiday, you can use YourCampaign.Holiday or YourProject.Holiday to increase awareness about it.

.holiday gTLD Requirements

Registration of .holiday domains is open to everyone. The application for the applicant, Goose Woods, LLC, is open to everyone and its Sunrise Period will begin on February 4, 2014.

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