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.dog domain name

What is the .dog generic Top Level Domain Extension?

With over 300 dog breeds in the world, not to mention dog daycares, grooming services and an internet full of dog-related information, the .dog domain gives man's best friend a new place on the web.

A place on the web for man's best friend

The new .dog domain extension is the perfect place to talk about our most loyal companions. Whether it's to provide tips on how to properly take care of your dog to blogging about all the great breeds in the world, .dog gives you the right tool to spread the word on the web.

Uses for the .dog gTLD

The .dog is an open domain extension and has no restriction. With that being said, .dog is perfect for bloggers, businesses, professionals and individuals to create any dog-related sites. From blogging about proper pet care to creating a website for your veterinarian practice, .dog helps you connect with audiences on the internet.

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