.dev domain name

What is the .dev generic Top Level Domain extension?

.dev from Google Registry is a secure domain extension intended for developers and technology. It will provide a relevant online space for platforms, tools, programming languages, documentation, portfolios of work and other developer content. As an open domain that can be registered by anyone, .dev will also have broad appeal to technology companies and enthusiasts of all kinds.

Built-in security

Like some of Google Registry’s other domains, .dev will be a secure namespace. This means .dev domains will automatically be included on the HSTS preload list, so HTTPS will be required on all connections to .dev websites. To meet this requirement, websites on .dev domains will need to have a valid SSL certificate.

Learn more about configuring HTTPS, how SSL works, and obtaining an SSL certificate.

Who should register a .dev domain?

.DEV is the ideal space for building a vital developer community, showcasing personal projects, building a work portfolio, sharing documentation and exchanging ideas.

The .dev domain extension is open to everyone, but is most relevant to the web development and technology communities, including:

  • Developers and programmers
  • Web development companies
  • Technology startups

Why choose a .dev domain?

To instantly convey that your website contains programming or technology related content.

For built-in trust, thanks to its higher level of security and backing from Google Registry.

To secure a brandable web address, as new domain launches are the best time to register quality names unavailable in other domain extensions.

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