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.dealer domain name

What is the .dealer Top Level Domain Extension?

.dealer is a top-level domain extension that’s perfect for dealers and dealerships of all kinds, whether they specialize in automobiles, rv’s, boats, aircraft, bicycles, art, antiques, jewelry or equipment. It is a memorable, targeted and keyword relevant domain name for audiences searching for dealerships and the products they sell online.

With no .dealer domains held back on reserve by the registry, all name – including 1-3 character options – are available for registration in a first come, first serve manner.

Who should register a .dealer domain?

Dealers, dealerships, manufacturers and brands should consider registering .dealer domains that correspond to their:

  • Business Name – eg.,,
  • Geographic Area –,,
  • Product Category or Keyword–,,,

With no restrictions or registration requirements, .dealer is open to any individual or business who wishes to register it, and it can be used for any purpose.

Why choose a .dealer domain?

There are several key reasons to choose a .dealer domain:

  • Alignment - .dealer is perfectly suited to dealers and dealerships
  • Choice – with no reserved names, .dealer provides a rare opportunity to register an incredible domain name no longer available in other extensions such as .com, .org or .ca.
  • Credibility - .dealer provides instant credibility and legitimacy to build on your brand’s reputation
  • Targeted – .dealer can be combined with geographical keywords to zero-in on local markets and audiences

Requirements and features of the .dealer domain

With no restrictions or registration requirements, .dealer can be registered by anyone, but is priced to thwart registrations by opportunistic buyers, cybersquatters, or bad actors.

The .dealer can be registered in the official languages of over 190 countries and territories, and for up to a 10-year period.

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