Bring your innovative ideas to life online with .CYOU

Bring your innovative ideas to life online with .cyou

.cyou domain name

What is the .cyou generic Top Level Domain Extension?

A generic domain extension designed for digital natives and digital pursuits, .cyou is flexible and forward-looking - an ideal extension for digital natives building a personal brand online or for digitally-focused businesses that want to connect with a young, diverse audience.

Distinctive and affordable, .cyou is a perfect option for digital marketing campaigns, product launches, and time-limited initiatives.

Because .cyou is priced and positioned for mass-market accessibility, we recommend established businesses proactively register their digital brands as .cyou domains to protect their intellectual property online.

Who should register a .cyou domain?

As an unrestricted domain name extension, .cyou may be registered by any individual on business who wishes to use it.

Why choose a .cyou domain?

The .cyou domain name has a number of characteristics that make it an attractive option to a broad range of registrants, including:

  • Modern - A new extension for 2020, .cyou feels fresh and innovative alongside extensions like .com, .info, or .net
  • Globally Relevant - Industry, language, and geography agnostic, .cyou can be used by anyone, anywhere, for any purpose
  • Availability - For those who act fast, .cyou presents an opportunity to register valuable high-quality names and keywords no longer available in other extensions
  • Scalable - The .cyou domain is perfect for businesses trying to target young audiences and scale to new buyer segment

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