From suppliers to retail stores, the .clothing domain is perfect for your business!

.clothing domain name

What is the .clothing generic Top Level Domain Extension?

The new .clothing domain is one of the new domains being released soon. With the large number of retailers worldwide, the imminent release of the .clothing gTLD can create niche online for retailers. With the increasing number of individuals buying online, the .clothing gTLD can potentially help retailers establish a stronger online presence.

Other than clothing retailers, anyone involved in the clothing industry can benefit from this new gTLD. Suppliers can use the .clothing extension to identify themselves to potential clients and build partnerships with companies in the industry.

Think of the .clothing domain as a funnel for the clothing and fashion industry. With .coms or .nets, it is hard to distinguish which websites are relevant to your company, and which ones aren't. Your company might be called MySuperAwesomeCompany.com, a supplier of garments, but people won't be able to distinguish your business from the millions of website populating the Internet.

With the .clothing domain extension, you can use the gTLD to help your business standout. MySuperAwesomeCompany.clothing helps identify your company, as a clothing manufacturer/supplier/retailer.

For retailers and organizations involved in high fashion, extensions such as .fashion might be the better choice for your brand but registering your domains under the .clothing extension will help you protect your brand against infringement.

.clothing gTLD Requirements

The new gTLD application for the applicant, Steel Lake, LLC, has been approved and has been approved and its sunrise period will be open on November 26, 2013. You can expect to see some extensions become available in 2013 when they are released by ICANN.

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