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.camera domain name

What is the .camera generic Top Level Domain Extension?

With the world becoming more interconnected, the camera and photography industry is experiencing a surge in sales. As more social media networks are adopting photo sharing capabilities, photography and the need for cameras will grow.

If your business is involved in the photography business, a domain in the .camera gTLD extension is a great way to show your expertise and portfolio to other individuals. The .camera can also help your business identify itself to other business. Since camera is such a specific word, people who see your domain name will immediately be able to identify your business as a photography/camera related business.

A .camera is also great for those that just want to share photos and pictures of different things. By identifying your business as being media-related, people visiting your website will have an idea of what your website's contents are. For example, people visiting car.camera will be able to narrow down your website's contents to either a) photographs of cars or b) you take photographs of cars.

.camera gTLD Requirements

The new gTLD application for the applicant, Atomic Maple, LLC, has been approved and its Sunrise period will be open on December 3, 2013. You can expect to see some other domain extensions become available in late 2013 or early 2014 when they are released by ICANN.

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