From yellow cabs to red cabs, finding the right taxi just got easier!

.cab domain name

What is the .cab generic Top Level Domain Extension?

The .cab gTLD will be an unrestricted domain extension but will be more oriented towards taxi and cab companies all over the world.

Cabs are important to everyone. Whether we depend on them to get to the airport or whether we use them to get home safely after a night of celebrations, cabs brings us to the destination we need to get to on time!

With this in mind, they deserve their own name space on the Internet! Instead of having to sift through different .com or .biz domains, the .cab domain extension perfectly announces the website's affiliation to taxis and cabs!

For new tech companies out there, if your service offers your users the ability to find and connect with a cab driver in seconds, the .cab is the perfect way to market your app or service to the market!

.cab gTLD Requirements

Registration of .cab domains is open to everyone. The new gTLD application for the applicant, Half Sunset, LLC, has been approved and its Sunrise period will begin on December 31, 2013.

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