Are you a business owner? Get recognition and differentiate yourself from thousands of other businesses with the new .business domain

.business domain name

What is the .business generic Top Level Domain Extension?

Having a great business isn't enough these days. You need to remain competitive and while also being able to set yourself apart physically and digitally from competitors and other organizations in your industry. With more companies making the digital leap towards the Internet, businesses are having trouble standing out online and distinguishing themselves from other websites. The new .business domain extension is one of the new gTLDs that was created to provide businesses with a distinctive venue online.

For some businesses that already have a strong .com or .ca domain name for your existing business, registration of a .business domain can assist you in numerous ways. Create a .business domain and use domain forwarding to bring customers back to your main website if they stumble upon your .business domain. This makes it easier for your customers to find you and a way to keep their business with you.

The .business domain extension also opens up possibilities for new businesses and entrepreneurs, as registering the .com and .ca domain name you want becomes increasingly difficult. Get the exact name you want, and register a .business domain name today!

.business gTLD Requirements

The new gTLD applications for the applicant, Spring Cross, LLC, are still being reviewed but you can expect to see some extensions, including .business become available in 2013 when they are released by ICANN.

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