.boutique domain name

What is the .boutique generic Top Level Domain Extension?

Boutiques have traditionally been associated with fashion and specialty stores that charge clients a premium. Boutiques in the past focused on a specific product and were associated with luxury. Today, boutiques are still associated with luxury stores but the word has also evolved to become applicable to any business or firm that provides specialty products or services, or those that serve a particular niche in the market.

The .boutique gTLD extension will be released in the near future and this domain extension is perfect for anyone considered as a boutique or those serving a particular niche in the market.

If you find the .store or .shop domain extension are not the best extensions for your domain, then a domain under the .boutique gTLD would be perfect for you. From high-end shopping to law firms specializing in specific sectors, a .boutique domain is perfect for you.

For specialty stores, domains under the .boutique gTLD allow you to enhance the experience of your clients. .boutique domains add a level of sophistication to your domain and it also helps separate your business from other stores and shops on the Internet.

For firms and other businesses serving a particular niche in the market, tell your customers which sectors you specialize in with. Hotels can use .boutique domains to distinguish yourself from large hotel chains while specialty law firms can use a .boutique domain name to inform clients or potential clients of the particular sector you specialize in.

Don’t miss your chance to secure your boutique business’s place on the Internet. Pre-register your .boutique domains today!

.boutique gTLD Requirements

Registration of .boutique domains is open to everyone. The application of the applicant, Over Galley, LLC has been approved and its Sunrise Period begins on February 18, 2014.

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