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.abogado domain name

What is the .abogado generic Top Level Domain extension?

With different industries and languages getting their own domain, law professionals catering to a Spanish-speaking audience will gain access to the new .abogado domain. .abogado was created to provide a secure place on the internet for licensed lawyers and attorneys to house their websites online.

.abogado is a retricted gTLD that aims to promote trust and security for clients looking for legal services online. The .abogado domain is only available to licensed lawyers and attorneys, and creates the opportunity to present themselves in a distinct way.

.Abogado Registration Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for a .law domain name, the applicant must be a qualified lawyer. For the purposes of the .law gTLD, a qualified lawyer is a professional who is licensed and is allowed to practice law by an approved regulator of legal services in a given jurisdiction. Lawyers must also be identifiable as a currently-licensed practitioners in the public records kept by the relevant approved regulator.

In order to register a .law domain name, registrants must provide the following information during registration:

  • Name as registered by their regulator
  • The official name of their regulator
  • The year of registration with their regulator
  • The license number of their registration with their regulator
  • The jurisdiction of their regulator

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