Domain Gripping and Email Forwarding allow anyone to use their domain name without an Internet service provider

Vancouver, BC, April 18, 2001 - Inc., a leading domain name registrar today released two domain name solutions for small businesses and family use. Domain Gripping and Email Forwarding easily allow anyone to use a registered domain names for email and the web.

Many people already have email either through their work or as part of an Internet connectivity package and increasingly people are building their own websites. Email Forwarding allows anyone to create personalized email accounts for a domain name that can be forwarded to an active email address. For example, by registering a family name as a domain name an email address called can be created and channeled to an active email account. If the active email address changes the channel account can be forwarded to the new account.

Domain Gripping pulls a hosted website into a domain name. For example, becomes Home businesses can reflect a more professional image by using Email Forwarding accounts and Domain Gripping instead of using an ISP domain for their email or website.

"Our Orchestra was looking for a cost effective way of getting an Internet presence" said Paul Smith, a Director of the Etobicoke Philharmonic Orchestra. "We registered our domain with and then set up a free website with By using Domain Gripping we were able to pull our hosted domain into We then set up Email Forwarding accounts to direct Orchestra correspondence. With Email Forwarding and Domain Gripping we created an entire Internet solution for less than $200."

"Email Forwarding allows anyone to use their domain name like a vanity plate for the Internet" said Stephen Smith, President of "When used together, Domain Gripping and Email Forwarding provide a very powerful set of tools for a home or small business." is a domain name and Internet services company that was founded by the people who created the .CA Internet domain. is now the leading domain name registrar for the .CA domain.

About Inc. Inc. ( began operation in June of 2000 as a direct spin-off of CDNnet (the original .CA Registry). An experienced team at the University of British Columbia heads including John Demco, voted to the board of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. support team is well versed in all procedures surrounding domain name registrations and management. Offering a full range of services to compliment the registration process including Domain Forwarding, Email Forwarding, Domain Parking, and a comprehensive Affiliate program, strives to secure Internet identities.

For further information:

Steve Smith
President and CEO
Tel: 1.866.221.7878

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