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Webnames Releases Free Domain Scan Tool to Increase Awareness of Potential Cybersecurity Risks

Vancouver, BC, January 19, 2022 - The team behind Webnames and Webnames Corporate today released a new, free cybersecurity tool that can help small businesses and large organisations alike quickly identify potential domain compromise risks.

Webnames’ domain security scan tool allows domain owners, IT managers, and anyone else concerned about domain-related cyber threats to scan one or multiple domain names and receive a report outlining recommendations to improve security and mitigate cyber threats.

The free tool utilises publicly available data about domain names, including registrant details in WhoIs records, EPP code status used in domain transfers, and HTTPS status to assess risk exposure. It also examines whether a number of security best practices are in place, such as WhoIs Privacy, Registrar and Registry locks, ability to be served over HTTPS - basic features that can greatly reduce threats such as domain hijacking, phishing, identity theft and more.

Any domain name, irrespective of TLD, registrar, or owner, can be scanned by the Domain Security Tool. In addition to providing an overall Threat Rating, the tool provides a Threat Analysis Report that contextualises the risk as either Significant or Secondary. Each identified threat contains recommendations to mitigate that particular risk and often these can be simple steps such as enabling the Transfer Lock which is a free feature with most domain registrars.

"Domain name security is at the heart of what we do, so we’re delighted to be able to provide a quick, simple, effective tool that can help anyone with a domain name better understand how to protect it from direct threats such as domain hijacking or tampering, but also related threats such as identity theft and phishing," stated and Webnames Corporate CEO, Cybele Negris. “We had such positive feedback about the tool’s utility from business owners and IT administrators during its beta release to our customers, that we decided to share it more broadly to help drive greater awareness of potential domain security threats.”

Webnames Domain Security Scan can be found at and is free for anyone to use.

About Webnames:

Founded in 2000 by four partners as a spin-off from the original. CA domain registry, Webnames was conceived as a means of automating and modernizing the process of domain name registration and management. It has registered hundreds of thousands of domain names and hosts thousands of websites. Through its Enterprise Services division, Webnames Corporate, it manages and secures both domain and SSL portfolios for many of Canada's Fortune 500, several of North America's top law firms, and multiple branches of government.

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