Webnames Announces New SSL Management Toolkit and SSL Monitoring, Bringing Increased Security and Efficiency to Enterprises

Vancouver, BC, January 11, 2022 - Webnames, Canada's original domain registrar, has expanded its Corporate Domain and SSL Management program with the release of an Advanced SSL/TSL Management Toolkit and SSL Certificate Monitoring service designed for proactive enterprises that want to insulate themselves against downtime, disruption and cyber threats.

Enterprise SSL Management can be complex and time consuming, absorbing significant IT cycles especially when there are numerous certificates, domains, servers and licences in play. With websites, applications, and devices all requiring HTTPS encryption, enterprises can find themselves with a large volume of certificates requiring attention and active management.

Webnames’ Enterprise SSL Management Enterprise SSL Management tools enable IT teams to streamline SSL/TLS administration as well as reduce risk and the potentiality for errors through features such as:

  • On-demand generation of status reports for all eligible certificates
  • Cloning capabilities to expedite the reissue the same certificate from a new server with a new CSR
  • Simplified revocation on previously installed SSL/TLS certificates which are unused or may have been compromised or stolen, reducing the risk of cyberthreat
  • SSL Certificate tagging to quickly identify, group, filter and efficiently manage certificates Unified dashboard for increased oversight

When it comes to SSL service interruption, time is of the essence, so in addition to its Enterprise SSL Toolkit, Webnames has released an SSL Monitoring service to provide the continuous oversight required to quickly respond to SSL disruption or downtime should it occur on business critical websites or applications. SSL Monitoring scans 5 different SSL parameters three times daily, alerting administrators of secure channel access disruptions, SSL certificate expiry or status changes, as well as providing installation verification in both real-time and on-demand to identify errors.

The monitoring service can also be invaluable when installing SSL/TLS certificates, acting as a quick way to verify correct configuration, especially in multi-server and certificate scenarios. Adding SSL Monitoring onto high priority SSL/TLS certificates provides a robust additional layer of security, allowing IT teams to expedite troubleshooting and respond exceedingly fast to service interruptions or other potential issues.

"We’re excited to build upon our Advanced Management Tools for domain portfolio management with this innovative SSL/TLS focused feature set", explained Garrett Saundry, Product Manager for Webnames Corporate. "These tools give organisations the ability to more powerfully and granularly manage their SSL portfolios across teams and geographical, knowing their Webnames Corporate account manager and our SSL experts are just a call away and ready to provide support at any juncture. Paired with our expansive selection of SSL certificates - one of the broadest in North America - Webnames Corporate can handle the complex SSL management needs of virtually any enterprise or organisation."

Webnames SSL toolkit is billed annually at an account level while SSL Monitoring is billed at a per certificate level. Both services are highly cost-effective ways to increase enterprise SSL security and oversight, while simultaneously empowering administrators to work more efficiently and proactively. To learn more about Webnames' wide range of SSL Certificate services, see a demo of the Advanced Management and Monitoring services, or discuss seamlessly migrating your SSL portfolio to Webnames Corporate, contact us through this form.

About Webnames:

Founded in 2000 by four partners as a spin-off from the original. CA domain registry, Webnames was conceived as a means of automating and modernizing the process of domain name registration and management. It has registered hundreds of thousands of domain names and hosts thousands of websites. Through its Enterprise Services division, Webnames Corporate, it manages and secures both domain and SSL portfolios for many of Canada's Fortune 500, several of North America's top law firms, and multiple branches of government.

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