Webnames.ca Announces Launch pf Email for .TEL Domain Names

Completing the package for one contact name for life.

Vancouver, BC, April 24, 2009 -Webnames.ca is offering email accounts for use with .TEL domains. Webnames.ca launched the service earlier this week in response to calls for email by .TEL owners on various forums and blogs dedicated to domain industry news.

Custom email is a simple and cost effective way of increasing brand awareness. When used in conjunction with a .TEL domain, it becomes an effective tool for driving traffic to the .TEL site and the additional web addresses and contact details it contains.

".TEL is at a very exciting stage. We’ve been receiving great feedback from customers who are actively using their .TEL to extend their reach and maintain relationships," stated Stephen Smith, CEO, Webnames.ca. "By giving our customers the ability to add email accounts and manage their MX records, we're making .TEL an even more powerful contact tool."

General registration of .TEL names began on March 24, 2009. Now a month into general registration, the utility of .TEL continues to grow with the availability of email and a growing list of open source applications for products such as BlackBerry and iPhone. Owners of .TEL domains located at other registrars who want to use Webnames.ca email with their .TEL will be able to transfer their names beginning in late May 2009.

About Webnames.ca

Webnames.ca Inc. is an internet solutions company with experience dating back to 1987. A spin-off from the internet pioneers who founded the .CA domain name,Webnames.ca has expertise with specialized domains such as .TEL, corporate domain name management and numerous Internet services. Webnames.ca`s reliability and exceptional customer service is complemented by robust systems and online tools which help customers get the most from their Internet presence. For more information, visit www.webnames.ca

About dot-TEL

A .TEL name is a new way to pass personal or business contact information to someone by giving them one easy to remember name like Smith.tel or JohnMcKenzie.tel. .TEL allows users to securely store, update and share their contact information – email addresses, phone numbers, websites, social networks, IM handles, location records and more - under a unique name like YourName.tel. .TEL works with any device that connects to the internet. A single click off a mobile device instantly connects friends and contacts to .TEL owners.

Media Contact

Julianna Horvat
Marketing and Communications
Webnames.ca Inc.
604-633-3097 ext. 148

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