This process allows customers replace previously issued SSL Certificates. The following are examples of when reissuance would be relevant:

You cannot utilize reissuance in the following cases:

In the above cases, a brand new Certificate purchase is required. This is necessary because the existing Validation information for the original certificate is no longer valid, and the Validation process must be undertaken once again.

Reissuance Process

To reissue your SSL certificate:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to My Account> Manage > SSL Certificates
  3. View the Issued certificates within your account , and click on the certificate name you wish to reissue
  4. Click the Reissue button
  •  Within the subsequent Reissue section, select the following as necessary:
    1. Click Submit to send the reissuance order to the certificate authority.
    2. Reissued certificates are then subject to the following steps, similar to that of a newly configured certificate: