Domain Validated Certificates

Domain Validated Certificates verify the person responsible for the domain. They do not include authentication of the business identity.

Domain Validation is applicable to the following SSL Certificates:

Two steps are performed for Domain Validated Certificates

  1. Confirm that the Domain Name is registered
  2. Confirm that the Domain Approver has control over the Domain via either an Approval Email process, or a DNS Record confirmation
Note: If the order is for a Major Corporation, a well-known Trademark, or any Financial Institution, the Certificate Contact must be an employee of the company. Additional verification will also be performed in this case via telephone.

Webnames provides a choice of two different methods for demonstrating ownership (or control) of the domain for which the SSL certificate is being purchased. This choice is selected during the Configuration process, when also submitting the SSL Certificate's CSR and other data:

Validation via Email

The Vendor issuing the Certificate will send the SSL Certificate Contact defined during the Configuration process an Approval Email, which must be reviewed and the instructions followed. 

Once approval has been given by the Contact as per the instructions Email, the Vendor will proceed to the next step of Issuance. The Contact which will be sent the subsequent Issuance Email (which includes the SSL Certificate itself) is listed within either the Approval Email or the webpage the Approval Email links to.

If this Approval email is not received or is lost, the Reissuance process can be utilized to re-initiate the Approval process. Please refer to the Reissuance section of this document.

Validation via DNS Record

Domain validation via DNS Record requires a one-time DNS record to be applied to the domain name by the domain owner. The Certificate Authority (CA - GeoTrust, Sectigo etc) will then check for the existence of this record. Once found, ownership (or control of) the domain name will be validated and the certificate can then be issued.

Applying the DNS Record
Querying for the DNS Record

The Certificate Authority (CA - GeoTrust, Symantec,Sectigo etc) will check for the existence of the required DNS record on a schedule of decreasing frequency. Initial queries for the existence of the Record occur every few minutes, followed by every half hour, hour and then several hours. DNS propagation can influence the amount of time required for the DNS Record to be successfully queried. The maximum amount of time should be considered to be 24 hours.



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