Domain Validated Certificates

The purpose of the verification process for Domain Validated (DV) Certificates is to confirm that the person applying for the SSL certificate is the same person who owns the domain name and website.

Domain Validation is applicable to the following SSL Certificates:

Two verification steps are performed for Domain Validated Certificates

  1. Confirmation that the Domain Name for the certificate is already registered
  2. Confirmation that you have control over the Domain Name

Verification of domain control will be performed using either email or DNS record, based on the method you selected during Configuration in Step Two.

Validation via Email

The Certificate Authority (CA) (which includes GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Digicert, etc) will send the verification email address selected during the Configuration process an Approval Email, which must be reviewed and the instructions followed. 

Once approval has been given via the instructions Email, the Certificate Authority will proceed to the next step of issuing the SSL Certificate.

If this Approval email is not received or is lost, the Reissuance process can be utilized to re-initiate the Approval process. Please refer to the Reissuance section of this document.

See also: "Issuance"

Validation via DNS Record

Querying for the DNS Record

The Certificate Authority (CA - GeoTrust, Symantec,Sectigo etc) will check for the existence of the required DNS record on a schedule of decreasing frequency. Initial queries for the existence of the Record occur every few minutes, followed by every half hour, hour and then several hours.

Once the required DNS record has successfully located, the Certificate Authority will proceed to the next step of issuing the SSL Certificate.

See also: "Issuance"




Rapid SSL: