Organization Validated Certificates

In addition to performing the checks featured within Domain Validated Certificates, Organization Validated (OV) Certificates also includes validation of the business being associated with the certificate.

Organization Validation is applicable to the following SSL Certificates:

Four steps are performed for Organization Validated Certificates

  1. Confirm that the Domain Name is registered, and that the Registrant information matches the Organization name submitted during Configuration
  2. Confirm the existence and validity of the Organization
  3. Confirm the Address of the Organization
  4. Verify the Certificate Admin Contact’s employment within the Organization

Confirmation of Domain Registration and Registrant / Organization name

If the Registrant and Organization information submitted during the Configuration process is not an exact match, the domain administrator will be contacted via phone or email to confirm that the Organization has exclusive control of the domain.

Authentication of the Organization

The Organization’s full legal name as it is registered with a government agency must be verified and in good standing in the location listed in the Configuration data.

No misspellings or abbreviations are permitted

If the Organization cannot be verified using standard means, government-filed business registration documents may need to be produced.

Acceptable documents include:

Address Authentication

The Organization address must also be confirmed via a verifiable third party resource, which includes but is not limited to:

Verification of Certificate Contact

The Certificate Admin Contact defined during the Configuration process will have their employment within the Organization verified.

It is recommended that the Certificate Contact’s email address be registered to the Organizational domain, or one of their verified Parent / Subsidiaries. A verification call with the Certificate Contact using a verified telephone number may be required.

Note: The normal processing time for Organizational Verification is 2 business days if no documents are required.

To expedite your order please ensure:

Once approval has been given via email as per Domain Validated Certificates , and the Organization has passed the manual validation outlined on this page, the Certificate Authority will proceed to the next step of issuing the SSL Certificate.

See also: "Issuance"